Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Hint of sarcasm?


Some people can take it a little too far though.


I heard it was because Murch made the Dublin first XV and got an All Ireland medal on the pitch. But it could have been sledging either.


The norm in drop off in GAA from minor to adult is around 80-85%.
While that’s a crisis in one way, if % retained just doubled to 30%, GAA wouldnt have resources to cope at adult level in terms of pitches, mentors, refs etc

Rugby drop off is 98%


Interesting @rebus2008. Where did you get those stats? Have a big interest in this kind of thing if there is any good material around. Ta.


There needs to be more social leagues in all sports, and not just a case of playing in lower divisions. 7 a side leagues during the summer or something like that would be a good way of retaining younger/older players that don’t have the time or commitment to train.


I think ERSI had football at 75% drop out in 2013.
How much talent is being lost when clubs micro manage players from u8-u18 and then 75-80% drop out post minor.

I know one club who pay senior manager but of 5 dublin minors in last 3-4 years, only 1 still playing ball. Get the structures, supports, create a professional supportive environment and you’ll hang onto the real people who lower the odds of success …players.

Ulster GAA did a report few years back.
Over 50% of drop out where down to 2 factors - 16% poor training/coaches and 35% injuries. 6 % financial. Another 25% as no longer enjoyable.
A lot of these could be preventative but again if you did resolve the drop out, would you get same drop rates as whole system collapses due to lack of resources.


What is the acceptable level?


Mothers and sisters…


Happens in hurling I think

Ireland is very bad at integrating newbies and casual players in to games

The only sport that does it really is rugby with the whole tag element

Soccer and GAA don’t do this


I’m not really a fan of it at all. Most players seem to accept it as part of the game. But some of them take it too far. I’d rather fellas respected each other. But that’s something that’s becoming less and less a part of the game unfortunately.


Pump up the volume, pump up the volume


U21 being a proper age structure woukd help.
Give 17-18 year old lads a taste of playing against adults before senior.

A lot of lads still havent developed physically and dont fancy playing adult football.


Soccer have over 35’s


Agree completely u21 is a fantastic age group was always brilliant play used to love it now it’s just an add on an inconvenience to the board has become a joke it would be a great way of retaining players if ran properly


Paddy power have Boden at evens with Crokes at 11:10 a good bet for Boden I think .

.Boden are seasoned and likely winners on paper


This report is a good starting point *: https://www.esri.ie/news/keeping-them-in-the-game-taking-up-and-dropping-out-of-sport-and-exercise-in-ireland/
*Heard GAA werent too happy with that report


11/8 with boyles👍


After being well beaten by Crokes in the group stages. It’s Crokes to lose😉


Crokes won that group game well but that was in May. It’s Boden, driven by Mick Mac Mccauley to lose imo