Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Are the Darcys not from Dublin?


That would be correct if that’s what happened.

And the truth is that in the club game virtually no one ‘gets off’. Inter county is, of course, a different story.


They are but played played juvenile with Clan na Gael. Declan played with Aughawillan in Leitrim. Not sure if Ken did.


Fair enough!
Didn’t realise they were Clan na Gael - cheers!


But that’s not what happened. It was missed by the match officials on the day. CCC then took action based on the video footage. The hearings committee, for whatever reason, overturned the proposed suspension, despite clear video footage!


That’s why I used the word ‘if’.

After that I’ve no idea why it was overturned.


If it was missed by match officials on the day what was he given a yellow card for?


Not just a Dublin issue either.

GAA club expresses dismay after one of their players was left with extensive facial injuries, but opponent had red card rescinded http://shr.gs/y3ngCBD


Shocking stuff…


himself and cooper got yellow cards at the time for the pushing and shoving. Was the ‘hit’ on murchan ?


Yes, that makes sense. Didn’t see the hit but Murchan was on the receiving end.


I think a similar but more serious issue is that some clubs will have two or three minor teams coming up every year and no where for them to move into. Only a very exceptional lad coming out of minor is going to go straight to senior, or even top level intermediate. The vast majority of lads are going to end up squeezed into some junior team with a completely different culture to the minor team they have just left.

If a club has 40 or 50 minors, which is possible, they probably can’t handle any more then 25% of them staying on to play adult as they just have no room for them. So the whole thing is actually designed to have 75% fall off after minor.

There are two bad effects of this. Guys aren’t getting a chance to continue to play the game and also we are probably losing a lot of good guys who were just a bit small or lacked a bit of confidence at 18, that they would later develop.

This for me is a bigger issue then the relatively small numbers of country lads playing for the big clubs. It involves hundreds of lads every year. I live in a small country place and the amount of retention after minor here is many multiples of what would happen in the big Dublin clubs.


That is unbelievable. You’d walk away from the game if you were injured person in that case; if it happened on the street etc…


i could be wrong but im nearly sure his father could be involved in that committee maybe some relation pretty sure he was a couple of years ago as i said i could be wrong.


Surely a Conflict of Interest policy exists…


Do intercounty players get treated differently in these situations?


Could be wrong ? you are very wrong. None of the lads relations have ever been involved on any committee within the Dublin Co Board.


He hit Murch after the goal. Appeared senseless and untypical.


Apparently there was quite a bit of sledging in the game. Not an excuse but possibly a reason.


Very unusual to have sledging in a game.