Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


I was actually contemplating that myself when I wrote the post above. I wasn’t sure of three of them and their background and and I’ll happily take your word

So we have Utopia for this fixture !!


Ya can’t bait a bit of utopia


Wasn’t trying to hijack any thread. Was a simple response to a poster who felt that any criticism of country lads playing for Dublin clubs was Trump esque rhetoric. Which it isn’t. Anyone with a vested interest in Dublin club football should rail against what was discussed.

As for Super Clubs and imports, we all know who they are and what’s gone on. Let’s not kid ourselves. Good to hear Crokes and Boden have moved towards an all home grown policy. One swallow did not make a summer however. That’s all I have to say personally on it anyway.


Good . Let’s move on to the matches and on field activity now


Obviously they had more…when the club started 20 years ago all the adult players were technically outsiders.
Or do you only count country players as outsiders.


Back home this summer.


Listened to the herald podcast last night and they were saying Basquel is suspended for the weekend. Did he get done retrospectively after the last game?


No from tallaght which is still in Dublin last I checked.


He did but got off at the hearing!!


The Gaa’s disciplinary processes really are a joke. How often are players getting off these days?


What was he suspeneded for?


Use of the elbow following one of his scores (based on PP video footage) - the receiver was hospitalised after 45 minutes treatment in the ambulance.


If that’s the reason and there’s video footage that’s clear, how can you get off?


Some technacality bullshit I’m sure


Brigids in their prime had a lot of outsiders

The Gallagher, Quinn and Darcy brothers, James Coyle and Dabhach Dineen


I’d say in a lot of cases there is a correlation between high numbers of outside players when there is an outside (€) manager …


Scandolous really. Seems like every appeal gets off these days. Makes a mockery of the whole process


Think he was given a yellow card after the incident, so maybe the technicality was that it had be dealt with by the referee on the day?


Is The Herald podcast on Soundcloud? Can’t seem to come across.