Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Jesus from the talk on here you’d think lads from other counties shouldn’t move to Dublin for better jobs and life for the fact people will begrudge them for turning out for a gaelic football side.


Don’t really think anyone sees a problem with country lads playing in Dublin, but if a senior team in a club is playing with 7 or 8 lads that have not come up through the club be they from Dublin or outside, it means that seven or 8 lads that have come up through the club are being left out.
The problem is not country lads playing in Dublin, the problem is a high amount of top standard lads ending up in the same club and I am not having a go at any club as a lot of the top clubs have had periods of this. It is always going to be a problem, given that Dublin is where lads come to work, study etc, but it does question the whole tradition of the GAA, the parish etc… . I would like to see some figures on how many young Dubs walked from their clubs when they see the door to the senior team being slammed in their face.


I know in my own club we have two lads on the first team from the country, one of whom has been with the club 7+ years, no real issue with it but 8 seems really high, Ckock 7/8 minimum also, Vinnies 4/5…


All 15 of the Crokes starting team are Dubs


In football not in hurling 5 starting yesterday were from outside the club but are they not separate clubs


Do you just ban country lads living locally from playing Dublin club hurling and football ?. . you seem to be fierce bitter on this as you’re bringing it up on 2 forums so far


No, you don’t (and probably can’t, correctly).
However, some clubs need to take a look at themselves. They are vast clubs, each having large catchment areas. These clubs can only field one Senior A Championship team in hurling and in football. If their (large) catchment area is having its one Senior championship team using a lot of outside players then it severely restricts the prospects of home grown talent playing Senior A Championship.


Not bitter but annoyed as I said watching kilmacud b in the senior B semi final and see some very good hurlers playing in the b when could and probably should be playing in the A
Sorry for bringing it up twice was that offensive to you or against the rules if not why did it upset you so much to point it out,or should you be called hill16 .garda
As for what country lads should do well I would say for lads near enough to travel to kilmacud it wouldn’t be to much for them to travel to Olafs for example and in every part of Dublin there are clubs struggling for numbers like most clubs in my own area and would welcome a couple of lads


@sefa I hear Olaf’s are flying too?? If its smaller clubs I reckon gers in football would benefit in that area but if a “a lad from the country” is good enough and wants to play senior for a top side , who’s to say he can’t? Lads going back and forth here, Ye swear Ye want dubs only at all our clubs! I wonder if our lads get the same thing said about them when they move down the country for work and family reasons?


The point here surely is that all these ‘big’ clubs have more than enough senior players to not need any imports. Of course there are genuine ones but the reality here is that clubs get players in because they consider the players within their own club not good enough to win things. As someone has pointed out, an outside manager does not care for a club’s nursery structures - he is there only to win and will do that however he can. So that is the question for the big clubs. Do you stay faithful to your own knowing they are not good enough or do you buy some in. I would say almost everyone does the latter - some (a lot) moreso than others. A cap might be the answer. That would at least give a level playing field.


A cap system or a draft/allocation controlled by DCB is the best/only solution imo.


Castleknock still very young and have needed outside players over the last few years.
However that number is getting lower each year and we are using more local lads.
If you look at the panel of 28 against Vincents 20 were homegrown players.
Of the starting 15 4 were outsiders.

The age profile

And the age profile is still very young.
18 are 25 or under

Niall Millmore , Rob Shaw, Kevin Stephenson all 19
James Tolan 18, Darragh Warnock 17.


What I don’t get in this argument is why people try to defend their clubs for having outsiders, all clubs will have their reasons and all will try to justify it, I would suggest that people forget about their own club and defending it and just try to come up with valid solutions for the problem, I mean it will never go away if we spend all day trying to justify it as if our club was different to the rest.


Solutions? it’s not exactly a problem… Seems like some staunch Dubs are like Trump and the mexicans regards other counties-give it a break.


The number is getting lower? So Cknock have had more than 7/8 in previous years?

5 starters against Vins outsiders I thought


It’s not about being Trump esque. Many clubs such as your own, Civil Service, St Brendans etc are crucial in providing a base for non dubs to play ball/hurling. And without disrespect, at a much lower level than what’s been discussed here.

The problem arises when Super clubs line out with over a third, and in some cases almost a half, of their teams with non dubs. These clubs have any amount of juveniles coming through, but would rather chase the holy grail by filling their teams with top quality county lads, at the expense of their own lads.

It’s got to the stage where clubs look at areas they are weak in, and go about filling these spots from outside the county. And that’s before you even discuss poaching players from smaller Dublin clubs, or mentioning payments to players at adult level.

When I say it’s got to that stage, it’s been like this for decades. But now it’s common for people to think that this is the normal and acceptable way of doing things, which is beyond alarming.


Tell that to a young lad that has played for years for his club and then when he gets to senior, somebody that never played for the club before is in before him


When did Rory Corcoran come back? He was away for a few years?


I’m sure you’re including Ballyboden and Crokes when you talk super clubs

But again, Kilmacud will line out with 15 starting homegrown players on Saturday and Ballyboden will line out with 12 or 13… I really think it’s a dud argument for this thread which no doubt will be hijacked again . It would be nice to discuss the games at some point


Almost certain all 15 boden starters v na fianna were homegrown players.