Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Ryan is born and raised in Dublin. Played O’Byrne Cup this year. Over the last few years we’ve had 3 or 4 “culchies” starting but injuries haven’t been kind recently.


That’s unreal Jude’s have 8 country lads and not a word about it . Other clubs got slated for much less . 8 is really taking the piss . That’s worse then Parnells ever ware and people gave them so much grief . This seems to have went unnoticed .


I thought everyone was talking about UCD with all this talk of country lads playing for one team in the Dublin championship


Ah a few teams have a few country lads.


West 1.

A generation out. Tipperary father.


And not one of them receiving anything or chased to join…


Sure you might never win anything without buying … I mean signing a few country lads …


Nah parnells had more plus they fckn paid them, that’s worse


Nothing wrong with country lads playing but when most that are got in are county or ex county or county standard . They all just decided to join Jude’s not saying any are paid I don’t believe they are but don’t say they warent chased . Ciaran Fitzpatrick Kildare county player played with kilcock hardly much travelling there !!! Anyway no issue with a couple as we are the capital but when u have over half a team that’s a bit much . Just my opinion


Sure you get slagged off here if you don’t bring your own through quickly enough. Some people don’t see irony … :smirk:


I think the semifinals will be streamed on youtube :smiley:


Let’s hope the camera moves left and right :+1:


Would have to agree. 8 is higher than any team I can remember in the recent past. I think Castleknock had / have 7 recently is the closest outside of Parnells I can recall.


It’s funny, I’d love to know the total amount (even down the levels) of country lads playing with clubs in Dublin and aren’t eligible to play for Dublin.


Sylvester’s had about 100 country lads playing for them when they won the county title! The Crokes team of 95 had at least half of the team from outside Dublin. No matter what way you paint it, eight out of fifteen starters is significant and sends a message to your minors also.


It was 7 and it will be less than that next week. It’s not the norm. Lots of injuries recently and a few potential starters committed to our hurlers this year. It was 4 last year in the semi against Vins and would have been 3 but for a late failed fitness test. Since the 2009 final when we’d all home grown players (*Copeland joined at 16) we’ve typically had 2 or 3 starters.

Lots of hard work has gone into the academy the last 10 years or so. The future home talent of the club is bright but it will be another few years before we really see the benefits at senior level.


Losing guys to hurlers hardly an excuse to Jude’s when you look at the line up of semi finals - boden , Crokes and Vincents in both.


In fairness, Judes would not be the only Dublin club that happened to welcome a few country lads to help get them up the ladder, while doing huge work at underage club level, to coach local players to be good enough to help keep them there! There have been seminal changes in Dublin clubs driven by lads like McGeeney (Not having a pop at Na Fianna) over the years. Vincents had an EGM to let Thomas Cleary in. Very few of the big clubs can afford to throw stones at others.


There’s one thing more interesting than the lack of non dubs for Jude’s in 2009 dublin final …found an IT article on it …
Check out last 2 paragraphs…changes times :joy::joy:



It is interesting that 3 of the four semi finalists are common across both codes. I am not sure if that is good, bad or indifferent.