Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


We’ll agree to disagree on this one Alan - If they are going to run a B competition then it needs the same respect as the A championship. This way you can get to see an A and a B semi-final on the same day.


I’d agree with Marysman, only way for the B to hold weight and be worth the effort is to promote it with the A championship.
I can see Alan’s point too but we’ve all been asking for a relevant B championship for years, why not give it promotion it deserves!


You do realise it’s not Paul Mannion, yeah.



Probably been answered already but how many imports do Jude’s have? Listened to Niall Coakley on GAA they listed off 7/8 and he said there more, didn’t realise it was that many…


Aspiring to win things is the one thing that keeps all players and clubs going. Whether they’re realistic or not is an entirely different matter


Ryan didn’t make the minor team in 2010 when he really should have. Never remember him even being part of a panel for a league game. He’s a brilliant footballer, pretty sure the Dad is Mayo - he would make their team I believe .


I think he was on the extended senior squad at one stage, might be 4/5 years ago now. Good footballer


Year they surprised Vins in final he was brilliant in first half.


Thought their was a Tipp connection and not Mayo…could be wrong though


they have a fair few alright, not sure if they have 7 starters but a good few.


Also great to see Senior B played alongside Senior A. Competition seems to be way more prestigious this year, and the carrot of promotion + games alongside ‘A’ semi-finals is great for the teams. The one change I’d make is make it two up and two down. Increase the risk in Senior A and the incentive in Senior B.


Basquel mother from Tipp. Father from Mayo.


Neither a football stronghold …


O’Muiratheartaigh plagiarism!


I tend to agree on the two up two down approach in theory, however, it can be a little hollow being promoted as a beaten finalist.
Also, as in the hurling recently, a team can go from having the potential to win something to a lamb to the slaughter (without the carrot of the medal/cup)…also with only 16 teams in it, the turnover is a lot higher. you are talking 1/8th of teams each year.
Could argue either way tbf


He related it to hurling, though.


So Vincents are very much favorites for another title.


No they’re not. Favorites maybe. But it’s marginal at best. Boden have been motoring very well. And they know how to beat Vincent’s. If that’s the final it’s a toss up imho.


Surely, they’re either favourites or they’re not (whether or not “very much” or otherwise)?

If you’re dead, but not very much dead, do you still have a chance of living?