Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


They could only draw with Skerries 3 weeks ago, if they lost they wouldn’t have come out of the group. With all due respect to Skerries that was a shocking result for NF who have aspirations of winning the championship every year.


Your consistent concern for NF is touching


Dublin SFC Quater-Finals Highlights

Ballyboden vs Na Fianna

Ballymun vs St Judes

St Vincents vs Castleknock

St Sylvesters vs Kilmacud Crokes


You’re welcome. Difficult not to be concerned having to listen to the persistent ambitions laid out in both codes year in, year out…All part of the 3 year plan I believe.


Listen to them from who? I don’t see any talk like that here. It takes persistence though to stick with your own and hope they come good.


A lot of players didn’t play against Skerries Jimmy IIRC. For whatever reason. But yeah shocking result. Saw a glimpse of their potential earlier this summer against Vinnies I thought.


Did you film the games yourself? Great work


You have the B aswell? cheers


So Jim Gavin flying through the night on a very smelly plane, to deliver income producing livestock to subsistence farmers in Africa…that doesn’t merit even the faintest of warm, happy glows, even for a nano second?


No not from here, members of NF I speak to…or should I say listen to.


Don’t recall two fouls at all, he was simply taken out of it, if there was contact with the foot or the ball, it came after he was taken out of it as far as I can remember. Anyway, wrong thread.


So they can’t aspire to win things?


Nice to see the B championship getting the recognition it deserves. If you put the 2 B games on together only people attending will be from the clubs. Having each game with an A match might make those attending the A game go that little bit earlier and go to the B game too. I think Marys Fingallians will be a cracking game, likewise winners of Davis/Olafs v Cuala.


I doubt it somehow. I think people would rather see the other game opposite their own club. With due respect I’d have an interest in the other A semi, which I now won’t be able to get to. I wouldn’t have much interest in either of the B semis. As it is very few people bother with both games of a double header no matter who is playing.


Ah - so you can’t go. So now it’s a bad idea …


Whether I can go or not is entirely irrelevant. It’s a question of making things easy for people. This makes things more difficult for the interested parties from all eight clubs.


There are many here who would disagree with you. It is great to see the B given equal billing and people still get the chance to see both semis - and it should boost the B attendance. I wouldn’t mind any of the other clubs moaning about it but it’s in Vins backyard … and you’re still having a moan.


People disagreeing on a message board? How unusual.




Keaney pass for basqual goal sublime , has ryan got a run with dubs , cant seem to remmember if he had ??