Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Aside from Mannion they lack firepower but they will defiantly be in the mix


Correction… Brennan not Behan. And yes, Smith was the other I was thinking about. He done a brilliant job at Olafs


Surly with all the good minor and u/21 teams Crokes have produced over the last 5 or 6 years they must have a few fairly decent forwards?


That’s a big price to pay?


Positive and Negative, it’ll keep a lot of neutrals at home.

Parnell is a great little stadium for atmosphere when you can get a decent crowd in


Very little been paid to Crokes football management… as in, effectively zip!


Looking at forecast is there a chance any of the games will be off . If so will board play some and cancel others . Or what will happen . Pitches must be in a terrible state


Mooted? Muted? Lost on you, I think.


Hate having to explain your jokes … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Or basic English.


Odds are up, got a nice accum in, syls were 4/9 v parnells, they are now 1/8


Are oper missing many? Raheny at 6/5


They only had three subs against vins in the league 3 weeks ago, suggests they’re missing a few


Ravens also a good price. Good odds for accumulator if you added either Ravens or round towers in. Hard to know with that game though.


Are the games tonight on Eir? Or is it tomorrow?


none tonight on tv.

Vinnies easy win v Skerries, will Lucan run Na Fianna close?




I think you’d have to have sympathy for Thomas Davis. They’re a proud club, and to be arbitrarily relegated from the top tier, it doesn’t just sit right with me” Stephen O’Meara…

Wait, what is this?? Someone should have said. I reckon they could appeal that


Crokes & Boden is on TG4
Ballymun & Brigids is on TG4

Not 100% but I don’t eir showing anything this week