Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


That’s my point exactly, there were at least two fouls. Very clear and distinct fouls. Yet somehow some people can’t see any. The game can’t exist in a sort of Trumpian alternative facts type view of things. I appreciate there will always be people on twitter etc. who have their own views, but the penalty thing in the AI final was being disputed on the national media by people who have played the game. If that was a disputable penalty, then bar taking out a gun and shooting someone, every free given in gaelic football can be argued against.


The keeper getting there first is totally irrelevant whether it happened or not.

The rule is there to improve the safety for all players, kicker and tackler alike and not to make it harder to make a tackle. the fact that the keeper may have got the ball wouldn’t remove the possibility of the injury if the blocker had connected with the kicker…


You think there was an injury possibility here? Surly if the keeper gets a hand to the ball its not a foot block?


Agree totally on Boden at 25-1 is way better value than Vinnies.


I’ve only posted once on this rule and I give up already… I think enough people have wasted their breath explaining this positive rule change… its amazing that you think the entire band is marching out of step with you…


Maybe they’re being beaten by good teams - Boden won the all Ireland two years ago.


I’m completely lost here, all I said is that if the keeper gets his hand on the ball first it’s not a foot block. Didn’t mention anything about the rule change. We will agree to have a difference of opinion & im not the only one with that opinion. G’luck



Double headers with the B. Good idea.


Nice one. Thanks for that.


There isn’t a whole heap of Dublin players between the four semi-finalists…


Listened to a podcast the other day .
Is it true there’s about 6 or 7 culchies starting for Judes . It was an interview with Niall Coakley .


They’re all very tired :wink:


Do those semi final matches go to extra time?


Yes. Think the set up is totally daft. Surely fans of different clubs would like to see the two games involving/affecting their club. Makes no sense to me. Are they trying to get people to go both days? Won’t work


Is there one single thing you are happy about in Dublin GAA (aside from NF losing)? Ever? Even one?


Is Na fianna losing not 2 things - dual club? :wink: