Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


The problem with a “textbook foot block” is that the concept doesn’t exist. There’s nothing in the rule book that differentiates between a defender’s studs connecting with the ball at the point of it being kicked and a goal keeper stretching his foot at a ball ten yards from where a forward shot.

So, as with everything else with the undefined rules, the refs have to use common sense. For me, if a guys’ studs are in the ground and/or he doesn’t make contact with the ball at the same time as the kicker, it doesn’t make sense.

Otherwise, if a defender is running along tracking a forward and the forward drops the ball and kicks it off the defender’s foot, is that a foot block?


They are on GAA football section. Scroll down past the weekend games and you should get them. Corofin were 3/1 along with Crokes same price; Vinnies 7s, Slaughneil 15/2 or 8/1 or thereabouts and Castlebar at 11/1. . Finbarrs of Cork 40/1 which seems to be big price.

True that odds will change once county SFCs are finished and are at different stages in some cases, but front runners will remain same if counties pan out as expected. Boden be a good enough bet @25/1 as former AI champions if you fancy them to win Dublin. If they do then they’ll be 6 or 7/1 to win All Ireland and short favourites to win Leinster.


Crokes beaten by O’Rahillys three weeks ago wouldn’t call that coasting…



I’ve backed against Slaughtneil in Derry with Glen Maghera,but I wouldn’t be tempted at all with them prices. Maybe a cut at Vinnies but I’m on Crokes for Dublin so it would be hypcritical! Castlebar will give Corofin plenty. 11/1 probably the only good punt there.



But does the rule “To block or attempt to block with the boot when an
opponent is kicking the ball from the hand(s)” not differentiate between a defender’s studs connecting with the ball at the point of it being kicked and a goal keeper stretching his foot at a ball ten yards from where a forward shot?

If the ball is 10 yards from where the forward shot then they are no longer kicking the ball?


I seen it on tv (well off my phone), foot block was as clear as day. He stretched out the leg to block and then blocked with the foot.


I’d say it’s still vague. Strictly, I’d say he’s stopped kicking it once his boot is no longer making contact with the ball. Are the rules going to split hairs about what point of the arc of a player’s foot swing is at to determine if he’s still kicking?


Have watched footage on dubs tv
100% penalty for foot block, no questions, syls only feel so aggrieved as it was close game at the time. Reality is it was a foot block at it was given


Distance for a footblock is defined as been within the natural swinging arch of the opponents kicking leg
And danger or no danger doesn’t come into it. Cant block with foot, end of.


I think it’s the first time I have ever disagreed with @bummer … but peno for me all day long.


Nonsense. They won 2 Minor championships in 07/08 and plenty of other titles at various levels since. Every year we hear the same crap in hurling and football ‘the future is bright.’
Well from what I can see, the future isn’t bright because the transition from Juvenile success isn’t being carried forward to Senior, Why I don’t know, but the mindset doesn’t appear right.


Or could it be they were perhaps beaten by better teams?


Ballyboden are great value. Really impressed with them the weekend.


They were beaten by better teams but I would have expected them to be competitive by now.
Maybe the expectation is when you have a good run of success at underage it will transition into success at Senior. It doesn’t happen like that. They’re as far off as ever imo.


But that was sort of the point of my original post - if this is a grey area issue the rule book has no chance. The rule is this
5.1 To block or attempt to block with the boot when an
opponent is kicking the ball from the hand(s).

Every element of the criteria is met for it to be a free. Mannion is kicking it from his hands, the guy blocks it with his foot and the block happens exactly at the point of kicking, Mannion’s foot is in contact with the ball, so the timing issue of it is clear also. it can’t be construed as a block on the ball after it was kicked. I do think that is a grey area, at which point is it a block on the ball or a block on the kick - 1ft, 2ft etc. But that doesn’t apply in this area. There is completely no room for doubt that I can see. If there is still a reasonable doubt then the rule isn’t fit for purpose, because I could not describe what I think of as a foot block any better then this example.

I think it is a good and necessary rule, a guy could break bones very easily in a situation like that.

PS - I actually thought the Dublin penalty in the AI final was also for a foot block. The guy blocked the ball with his foot while Mannion was kicking it.


The keeper getting to it first is my argument… looks to get a good paw at it


I have a theory. Playing at the A grade at underage level for many years takes it’s toll. The great teams that you had at 15, 16 or Minor lose many players mainly due to other distractions & burnout. Every game at the A grade in juvenile level is usually fast and furious


It was two penos - we only got one though. And some pundits though it was none … :roll_eyes: