Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Not one Crokes player calls for a penalty. Watched it back, looks like the keeper got there first. Either way foot block is supposed to be intensional and potentially dangerous. Not a penalty for me. :face_with_monocle:


Is this @Ohm bullshit charade still going on? Ffs


I know not one Crokes player called for it and the majority there didn’t know what it was for. But the guy definitely put his foot out and blocked it right at the point where Mannion’s foot connnected with it. It wasn’t one of those grey area ones that is a foot away, it was right at the kicking point.

I don’t think the keeper getting to it first would be a defence, but he didn’t really get to it at all. The main thing stopping the ball was the defenders foot.

I have no axe to grind either way with the result, but to me, it as text book a foot block as you could ever see.


I wouldn’t agree. Na Fianna had a midfielder on county under 20 team this year. McHugh county minor in 2014. It’s not like they’ve nothing there. I think, as someone who saw them earlier this year and was incredibly impressed, that they’re a bit light and miss the likes of Brady actually - physical and experienced. They had a bad day but Murch, O Reilly, Byrne, Doran did nothing on the day, these are brilliant footballers, so future is very bright, probably doesn’t appear that way so soon after they flopped.


You are probably right. Hard to prevent the dark clouds descending though when the last few Years seem like Groundhog Day. Have to keep reminding myself that the glass is nearly full.


Where’s them odds? Couldn’t see any on PP yest.


I didn’t see the incident, either live or on TV. And yes I know you cannot make up your mind based on one still shot. However, looking at the photo my gut impression would be that it may not be a footblock because there is no danger to the attackers foot (i.e. defending foot does not appear to come within the swinging arc of the attackers foot!)


is there actually a mention of danger to an opponent in the rules? I know there was a rule change a few years back where any attempted foot block was deemed to be a yellow card. Has this changed?


Let it go Bummer. Picture paints a thousand words. It’s a penalty all day long.


Very poorly defined in the rule book. In fact, the foot block is not defined at all.


Are you trying to tell me that any block with the foot is a “foot block” and warrants a free and a card???



was it not changed here? and defined


Rule book says:

5.1 To block or attempt to block with the boot when an
opponent is kicking the ball from the hand(s).

I know a single photo is hard to judge, but just looking at the image, without seeing anything before or after it, it looks fairly clear cut going by the rule above.


I know what the rule book says, and it wasn’t changed (just included in that list as a reminder!!) and is still poorly defined, if defined at all. Does it mean that a person standing 6 feet away and blocks with the book should be penalised? 4 foot away? 2 foot away?
The general rule of thumb given by Croke Park is if there is an obvious danger to the attackers foot and if the defenders foot enters the swing arc of the attackers kick.

In the above photo, neither of the above is obvious and based on that (from a still picture) a foul did not occur.


That rule is as clear as it gets and looking the picture at best it’s an attempted foot block which is clearly defined as a free and yellow card


I don’t think in any of them cases is the opponent kicking the ball. It would already have been kicked.

The rule says it has to be blocked when the opponent is kicking the ball.
Personally I think that’s fairly well defined.


Keepers hand is on the ball. Anyway it’s done now


We’ll agree to disagree!


No but in this instance it’s clear as day.


Based on the fact that Vinnies have far more to do to get out of the county. Once the provincials start the Dublin champions will be similar odds