Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Imho Quinn has been the best club forward in the country for years now. Shows little sign of slowing up either.


Id definitely agree with, he does be class for vincents if it’s league or championship


Mossy is a great man for a goal. Very calm


Who’s Carl Deely? :joy:


Never the fastest, so never lost pace. It can be a benifit as a guy gets older. His Da was the same.


Didn’t realise Carl Keely was well known in Connecticut? :roll_eyes:


A fine player she is too …



Another false dawn for Na Fianna. Saturday’s game pretty much summed up us over the last 15 years, slow out of the blocks and then get going when there is too much to do. I can rarely remember a big game over the last 10 years where we have thrown away a lead, its always a chase. Aside from young O’Dea, Conor McHugh and one or two others not many stood up, I was shocked by the lack of intensity we showed and it leaves me puzzled as to where we are going. We need that big landmark win that will help bring these young lads of age.

On manager I saw it mentioned in another thread that we should look outside of the club as we are using the same managers that built these guys up through minor and under 21. We usually go for an internal manager, I don’t think we pay money for managers like some do, which means we cant really get a big outside name in as they are all after cash (despite what some say). Think there’s the making of a good team there



Vinnies 7/1 to win All Ireland. Not great value. Crokes have coasted through Kerry so far and are value at 3/1 imho.


Crokes were beaten by their next (semi final) opponents three weeks ago. They do look good though. Gooch can’t even get a start!


IMO Na Fianna need to go outside the club for a few big,experienced midfielders, not new management. For all the talent that’s coming through we are not competitive in this area. A high amount of Bodens scores in the first half came from our own kickouts and that was the period when the game was decided. MDMC and O’Mahony bossed the middle physically . I know the club would love to succeed with a team that had started out in the nursery age 4 or 5 but the reality is it won’t happen as things stand. I believe we will be having the same discussion over the next few years unless we get in a bit of experience to compliment the excellent young talent in the club. It’s hard to put a value on what the likes of a Ger Brennan, Mossie Quinn, Conal Keaney or Denis Bastic bring to a team in this regard.


Ye great idea bring in lads from the outside again, what will they do when them lads fck off


Ah, I don’t know, I think Na F should be proud of what’s achieved rather then being over critical of what’s not. Some right good footballers are being produced. But it’s a light enough team and being a club team ye just have to deal the cards that are dealt, a championship is maybe a bridge too far until you get a few big lads coming on.


Wouldn’t overly familiar wit lh naF team but assume it’s young enough. Give them time as in their defence, they’re running into 2 seasoned freight trains in boden and Vincents.
Madness to think outside as missing piece of jigsaw when there is few years of good underage coming through…spend the money on S&C, VA etc and it’ll pay dividends. New structure will only help as they’ll be getting min 4 games a year and summer of training. They had 4-5 lost years due to bad draws and early exits.
If not, so what, it’s a competitive competition. The real winning numbers are underage involvement, juvenile success, engagement by local community, how many minors you convert to adult teams etc and naF up in top pack there.

Btw most senior teams can have 2-3 non juvenile players and hoping they buy into the culture of the club, you can always be fortunate that they’ll be the missing link.


Beaten by Kerins’ right enough, but were arguably assured of easy enough game in next round.

I see Cross are still prominent in betting although have heard someone predicting they will be up against it on Sunday.


That’s simply a statement that should not be said at all in the GAA in my opinion. It would absolutely taint any success for any team if you look outside to get you over the line. That’s not how you go about succeeding in this game. You make do with what you have, and in this case I think NF have more than enough quality to overcome any deficiencies.

Fwiw, I’d argue that the issue for Boden’s kickouts wasn’t NF’s midfield being unable to compete at midfield, it was poor organisation. Having seen Boden in the last group game and how they struggled on their own kickouts, it was an area NF should have been able to exploit but instead ended up losing the battle easy. Poorly prepared is how I’d describe that


Just watched the Crokes penalty on TG4, never a penalty in a million years. More horrific refereeing. Umpire standing 2 foot away from it too and ref never even spoke to him.


It’s his brother in law. He can’t stand him.


I saw it too and had completely the opposite reaction (who would be a ref!). For me it was as clear a footblock as you could ever see. The ref indicated too that he was giving it for a footblock.