Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Judes are good bet at 10/1


Probably based on the assumption that Vinny’s have begun decline and barely beat a poor performance on the night by the Mun. But yes, I agree, the odds on us are not worth a toss.


… PP reckon that next SFC cup to mobbi road will arrive on metro. Can’t see it yet if playing Brady at 6.
Vincents will be there or there abouts assuming DC in full flow.
Ballymun as favs is short considering they’ve under achieved for long time despite the football talent they’ve had. If I had to take the value bet, Boden at 9/1 odds look good value. Crokes as if they stay clear of injuries …forget the rest.


I don’t buy that Vins are indecline, don’t know what that is based on? Vincents or Boden id fancy. Ballymun do have a lot of players coming into the starting line up when the dubs are finished but they don’t seem to gel or really play well for them bar McCarthy, discipline lets them down abit also


The 4 semi finalists will come from Ballymun, Vincents, Judes, Boden or Crokes IMO


Ridiculous odds. They’ll be in the shake up alright but won’t get over the line. Boden represent good value for me.


Boden are flying it in the league so far, definitely a great value bet. Very impressive team play.


Tg4 showing live Ballymun v Brigids and Boden v Crokes this Saturday.

Eir Sport showing Castleknock v Brigids and Vins v na fianna live on the Sat 28th.


Really great to have the coverage… why pay 10er in, when you can watch it at home… on the flip side, neutral numbers are sure to nose dive!


Judes no value at 10/1 despite consistently over performing for 10 years…

Crokes at 13/2 serious value now that they have a management


Is Kevin Dyas still with Crokes or did he transfer back to Armagh club?


He’s with Crokes


Who are the Crokes management now?


They were trying to get Carlo Ancelotti, last I heard…


Johnny Magee, Cosgrove (I think) and Robert Behan who I believe was with minors previously. Possibly someone else but unsure


Shane Smyth was muted to be involved as well I think


Wouldn’t exactly inspire me to part with my money.


its a serious improvement on what was masquerading as management


Think it Robbie Brennan involved. Shane Smith and Paul Griffin as well.


Mcgee, Brennan, griff and Smith. Smith done a great job with olafs anything would be an improvement on brannigan