Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


I’ll keep banging that drum…worked for getting rid of 2nd teams out of the Inter champo…:joy::joy::joy:

@Cotsy…next time your at one of those meetings, have a word about the league tie-breaker…Cheers :yum:


I disagree on the points difference for leagues. I think the current system is the best system we’ve had for teams level on points. Don’t know how it could be any fairer.


That’s democracy for you!


Will we see an upset tonight?

Crokes already qualified, could Raheny sneak it?

Plunketts seem to have gotten better since opening day defeat to Raheny also


plunketts wont be 6 points winners if at all. They can be ruled out imo


I not sure if we will win by 6 but in a match that I consider 50/50. I think Plunketts @ 2/1 is a great price and will defo be having a score on that.


Why are there no odds on some games? Vins Lucan for example? Bookies refusing to offer prices because of second string teams potentially playing?


I’m really looking forward to the club championship getting back up again tonight. Think the game in Parnell will be an interesting one. Will madden be playing before going to Australia? Will brogan play?

@DUB09 put a post up this time last year about club championships that was as good as I can remember on here.


DMT on twitter after noting that Howard not playing for Raheny


Sounds like a cracker in Balgriffin :roll_eyes:


But why do it in the first place? Surely they could see what was coming.


Bernard brogan not starting for plunketts makes you wonder how fit he really was . Still, he cane on an scored a goal


Thankfully that Crokes vs Raheny game wasn’t televised


Really was shocking

Must have been 5 million hand passes and about 4/5 points from play


Raheny seemed to value possession more than points


It is 9/10ths of the law!


No way he is fit. You can’t recover from an ACL that week. Kudos to him though


Howard injured Parish?


Yeah he is.


Quality in Parnell Park wasn’t much better than what it sounds like was on display in Balgriffin but there was enough off the ball stuff to keep the interest.

Alan brogan sent off about 2 minutes after coming on. Bernard came on and scored 1-1. The goal was an excellent finish.

Plunketts are done at this stage, they’ll only go backwards now, main players all the wrong side of 30. Boden were a bit of a mess all over the place. Should have really won easy but were disappointing