Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Saw this tweeted by county board yesterday, is this wrong then?


No that’s wrong, below is the latest fixtures

Friday 14th September, 2018
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group One Balgriffin 19:30 Raheny v Kilmacud Crokes John Higgins
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group One Parnell Park 19:30 Ballyboden St Endas v St Oliver Plunketts ER Willy O Connor
** Saturday 15th September, 2018
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group Two Parnell Park 17:30 Skerries Harps v Na Fianna Dave Aston
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group Two O Toole Park 17:30 St Vincents v Lucan Sarsfields James King
** Sunday 16th September, 2018
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group Three Parnell Park 13:45 St Judes v St Sylvesters Darren Malone
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group Three O Toole Park 14:15 Ballinteer St Johns v Parnells Dan Stynes
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group Four Parnell Park 12:00 Ballymun Kickhams v Castleknock Gary McCormack
Senior 1 Football Club Championship Group Four O Toole Park 12:15 St Brigids v Clontarf Chris Mooney


Was raheny, crokes and boden, plunketts not meant to be on the Sat but changed because of keaney wedding?


Can anyone explain what happens next (bottom team from each group?) in relegation stage for championship and potential dates(played at same time as qf/sf)? Apologies if explained before!


Are Eir showing any of the games in PP?


Haven’t seen any advertised yet. Maybe holding off for the knockout phase.


They were meant to be showing raheny and crokes on the Sat but county board changed games to Friday instead


I wonder would they change the date for Championship if your average long serving club player was getting married?


What is he doing getting married in the middle of the champo ???


Actually heard he had a date set around Leinster with Dublin, probably thinking he was done with Dublin , so Gilroy wrote a letter asking county board not to fix club championship game for at date, wouldn’t think eir sports are to happy though as paying for rights to show games live.


Wouldn’t mind EirSport.

It’s your average club player who is always told ‘7 day rule’ by DCB or ‘Championship can’t be moved’.

All clubs and players not treated the same.


true but county board don’t give a fck, these championships have been a joke, refs not showing up and along with the open draw system which never happens in a group stage situations


The open draw after the group is the ultimate joke.


I wish I could like a post more than this…:point_up_2:t2::point_up_2:t2:

WHO THINKS OF THIS STUFF…or doesn’t in this case.
Even more mind blowing is that there is ALREADY precedent in the hurling for doing it the right way!!! (1’s v 2’s…also you shouldn’t be able to draw a team from your group)…
It’s not rocket science!
This cr@p is absolutely infuriating at times.

This, and the points difference thing in league tie-breakers, are literally ridiculous!


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I seem to remember you mentioning this before ? :smiley:


Apparently this was debated by delegates, voted on and approved despite precedent as you say in hurling for doing it properly.

Clubs in a lot of cases can be indicted for who they send as delegates


Absolutely. Judes v Syls and Mun v Knock are complete dead rubbers as all 4 already through. No incentive to try win the group. Could end up like challenge games


Obviously the judes one has highlighted it for me…

It’s farcical


DCB are aware of this flaw with the Championship. As the regulations were passed at the start of the year by County Committee (all club delegates) they can’t now be changed. They can, however, be changed for 2019.

I attended a football committee in Parnell Park on Tuesday where this issue was discussed at length and it was agreed at this meeting to submit a proposal to CCC for amending the this part of the Championship structure for 2019 and beyond.

What people have to realise here is that 2018 is the first year of this new structure. CCC are aware of the flaws and Issues like this Open Draw situation will be fixed for next year.

I do believe that we will, in time, have a very well structured and competitive championship.


But the flaw was highlighted and ignored last January.

A lad with 2 cork eyes could see the problem in fairness