Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Won’t change my opinion of him anyway . Agree with all you said in the post . If he never played again his legacy is copper fastened . Most talented player ever to pull on the blue jersey . I’d say he’ll be cheering on the lads , hopefully he’s home for the celebrations …if there are any .


Can someone post the odds for this championship? I’m unfourtunatley blocked due to location





Is it score difference or Head 2 head if teams are level on points?


The eternal question on all res dubs threads


I wonder will there be a single bet on Sylvesters @20/1?


Score difference if 3 teams are level, H2H if it just 2 teams


Score difference in games between those teams only, a joke!!

One team could have beaten the other two and lose out because there was a hiding in the game between teams 2 & 3…SHAM!!!


You’d get more return if you burnt a €50 in the fireplace at home and take the small bit of warmth from it.
Certainly the soft draw in the quarter finals.


No unless you want to waste your money. They were brutal when I seem them this year


So plunketts are still in with a very slight chance


I think it’s More like a table between the 3 teams as opposed to just score difference


Oh really yeah…how well informed you are…back to bed there chief.


Jaysus, you’re hard aren’t you acting the billy big balls online


Relax the cacks for tonight. We’re All-Ireland champions.


Hold on, no one is acting “hard” (are you twelve?)…

You came on here completely misinformed as to how this works and attempted to correct me.
This has been argued to death on here and is a particular bone of contention on a number of threads…

I suggest you try reading up on things before chiming in with your tuppence worth…


Fixtures out for this weekend with double headers Saturday and Sunday. Think it’s pretty poor form from the county board fixing matches at the same time as the ladies final. Ballymun v Castleknock at 3 45 Sunday. Harsh on Dean to have to miss the ladies final. Surely a better solution could have been found?


Maybe he requested it … :scream:


I suggest that you look again at the fixtures which were issued last Wednesday. You will find that there is no clash with SFC and the Ladies Final