Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


In fairness to na fianna, they ran into Vincents 5 years on the bounce before the new format. 5 years of exiting by June so when they regrouped for following year in dec/Jan (maybe with new Mgmt) the likes of Vincents, boden, ballymun had another 2-3 months of core work development training on them again.
New format allows top 8-10 now to gain benefits of longer summer equally especially for younger players coming through.
Never thought plunketts would ever get there (certainly won’t now)… few big names but too many holes elsewhere in their team…always flaky.


have the CCC set out the dates for 1/4, 1/2 & Final?


Q/F’s Week ending 30/09
S/F Week ending 14/10
Final Week ending 28/10


What’s the chance of Dermo playing a part for vinnies?
If he doesn’t, I’d lean towards Ballymun this year.


Scored 12 points at the weekend . His visa is probably up shortly so i don’t see why he wouldn’t.


For the same reasons he didn’t line out for vinnies before he left, what ever they may have been.


I reckon that’s probably been resolved . He just needed to clear his head for a few months . Didn’t he line out for the hurlers before he left . I’d be surprised if he didnt join up again with Vinnie’s
on his return . The Dublin setup might be a different story though …


Jimmy Keavaney reckoned he we would be back in a interview with the star on Saturday.


If he plays for vincents, it would seem more likely that his dispute is a personal one with JG.
Whatever the reason, you’d have to admire DC for not blabbing to the press about it.


Never been an issue in DC togging for Vincents…has even done it contrary to IC instruction on few occasions.
Wanted/wants to get away from goldfish bowl of playing in Dublin for a period of time.
Fairly sure he’ll tog again for Vincents as his heart has always been there.
Less convinced he’ll play for Dublin again as might be too much hassle especially given current IC game. Always been a guy who enjoyed playing football and never seemed interested in the baggage. Can’t see current style of play causing him to miss it.


That’s what got us here in the first place unfortunately.


Yes but the question is will he tog out for vincents in the club championship this year?
Fingers crossed he does.


I think you can take that as a given. No idea if he’ll play this year. Hope he does.


I think every club in Dublin hopes he does


I doubt that very much :wink:


I hope he at least comes back to play club
competitions, hopefully for Dublin too.

Hate to think I’ll never get to see him play again.


Was thinking the same thing.


The opposite. I’d love to see him play for Dublin again. Vincents not so much.


Nice endorsement from Vinnie’s here


Connolly is the most talented Dublin footballer I’ve seen & had the privilege to watch. Think fact he’s playing his football in Boston this Summer is due to a number of factors most of which are down to himself. It’s an awful shame we won’t have him this Sunday and I think it’s a shame for him too to miss out on an AIF and his team going for the 4-in-a-row. Because it is his team and his mates that he has played & succeeded with since before our current success began.

Hope v much he comes back to Dublin and Vincent’s. He can and should be leaving a legacy as one if the greatest ever footballers to have played the game. Leaving Dublin in circumstances such as this year would not do him justice.