Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


If the final games mean nothing to some teams that’s extremely unjust.

Syls /Jude’s & CK/Mun merely fulfilling a fixture.
KC already through could send out a weaker team and throw that group into turmoil.

Getting the top team in the group early puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

Makes absolutely no sense

What do you suggest should happen? Group qualifying competitions are used in many sports all over the world - super 8s, champions league, world cups etc…there are always the strong and the weak in most groups and always the risk of a crazy result. But that’s what gives us the interest right from the time the draw is made.


Unless I’m mistaken the 3 events you mention “super eights, World Cup and champions league” always pair of 1st place in group versus 2nd in another.

Anyway done deal so pointless labouring over it.


Yes luck of draw when it’s knockout from the start but not when you draw groups


What makes this more bizarre is that in the hurling championship quarter finals the group winners all play against a team that finishes second!!


Who is going to win the Championship?

Being away from Ireland I’ve seen very little football bar YouTube highlights of the first two rounds.

Can Vincents keep going?


I certainly hope so!

I think if they are beaten it’ll be by the likely winners. There’s a very good job being done in integrating younger lads into the panel. All good things come to an end eventually but the job has been done laying foundations for the future and I figure we can be there or therabouts each year now for the foreseeable future. Even without DC


I’ve tipped Mun for the last few years and will continue to do so. If Vins pull it off again it’ll be their best win yet.
I don’t think Crokes have enough to get over the line. Yet.
NaFianna flatter to decieve every year but I still wouldn’t write them off. Will take a very good team to beat them.
Can’t see Boden or Judes beating two of those four but may beat one of them.


Is he unlikely to play Alan?


I’d say Vins chances are halved without DC. I can’t see past BK either … but said the same last year, and the year before, and the year before … They seem to be very flat in the final stages in recent years.


As with most of what has gone on all year, no one seems to know definitively until it happens. It’s wait and see I think.


I have seen Crokes this year and they are moving well. If Mannion and COS staybfot they have a real chance


I think the world and its mother (my mother anyway) could see that BK have the edge on probably anyone in the country in terms of pure talent…however, they always seem to lack some element that makes a team.

I don’t know if it’s some mentality missing or the element of self-destruction, but they just don’t combine to the sum of their parts in the way that Vins do and Boden did the year they went all the way.


In fairness to BK, they must be hardest hit of any club team in country from IC squads…as good as their IC players are, when you have over 1/3 team come back in, its hard to adjust from long season of IC and also develop consistent style, ethic, maintain hunger.

Given the high standards of top 3 or 4 Dublin clubs…its big advantage not to have distraction in club panel of guys missing with IC as alot of vins/Crokes and boden aren’t far off IC.


Mental block against Vins more than anything it seems. They’re the only team to beat them the last few years(?). Recently Mun are the Mayo of Dublin SFC with Vins playing the role of Dublin.
If someone else manages to take out Vins, Mun won’t be stopped.


Plunkets beat us about 3 or 4 years ago.


How many teams are relegated? 2 or 1?


1 team relegated.


In other words Parnells are relegated


Outside of their county and ex county players BK lack talent. Vin’s and Boden better balanced for me.

Having said that it takes a special mentality to win a Dublin SFC so talent isn’t everything.


With the extreme commitment IC players need to give to the county, and the near certainty that they’ll be playing big games right up to the latter stages of the championship, clubs are nearly better off having as many lads as possible who are almost but not quite good enough for the county team.
Vins have about ten lads who fit this bill, as well as having huge self belief which comes with their rich tradition.
By the time ballymun get Philly, Deano, Smalley and Jamesey back, they’re overdue a rest.
Na Fianna look to have a good young team coming through now, although that has been said a few times over the last few years.
How Plunketts didn’t win one, I’ll never know. Think it’s them that should be likened with Mayo most, given their ability to come up with new ways to lose each year!