Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Open draw? Another genius move by the county board :joy:


I think its fair enough. They already seed the groups. With 4 teams in it the difference between first and second can be marginal enough. At the QF of the SFC it should be sharp enough whoever you play


Are you sure? I thought it was winners of the group in one pot and second place in another


That’s my understanding too


In would hope it’s at least that. Playing a team you played in the group in the quarter finals would be totally daft.


I heard both senior A and B will be open Draws haven’t seen anything official


My understanding was it was 2 pots for quarter final…winners of groups in one and 2nd place in the other.
Would make sense even to further reduce the chance of meaningless last round group games.

Though looking at groups, only really 1 …maybe 2 teams (given CK current league form) that would be deemed handier draws so odds on getting tough draw regardless


If the final games mean nothing to some teams that’s extremely unjust.

Syls /Jude’s & CK/Mun merely fulfilling a fixture.
KC already through could send out a weaker team and throw that group into turmoil.

Getting the top team in the group early puts you at a distinct disadvantage.

Makes absolutely no sense


Seems that it is open draw and you can draw team from your group again…moronic

from… https://www.dublingaa.ie/news/dublin-football-championship-review-2018-beyond

The proposal passed was:

SFC “1” – 16 Teams

4 groups of 4

Top Two from each group qualify (open draw)

Winner represents Dublin

Bottom team in each group relegation play off (open draw)

Loser Relegated to SFC “2”


How did no one spot that or suggest a change? That’s absolutely daft.


That doesn’t make sense at any level to me.


You can’t meet someone from your group in the 1/4 final

This is the rule as per CCC regulation

The top two teams of each group in all championships shall qualify for quarter-finals to be played on a knock-out basis to be drawn by open draw, the draw shall be arranged to ensure that that teams from the same qualifying group do not meet in the quarter-finals. All Semi-finals shall also be drawn by open draw.


Who said moronic …


Before getting excited I suggest that you read CCC regulation 27 which was adopted by the club’s ie County Committee in December last.

“The draw shall be arranged to ensure that teams from the same qualifying group do not meet in the quarter finals.”

The document approved in July 2017 was approved in principle, it is the regulations, voted on annually every December or January, which govern the various competitions run under the auspices of DCB.


So in theory we could have the four 1st place teams on one side of the draw and the four 2nd place teams on the other side of the draw?


In theory the four best teams in a championship or the four worst teams in a championship could be in the same qualifying group. Knockout competition is very often about the luck of the draw.
If people don’t like the current regulations they should ask their club to propose amendments to County Committee and let majority rule.


I’m not arguing with it I’m just trying to clarify. The obvious decision, which I thought was already the rule is teams in 1st place can only be drawn against teams who finished 2nd in the other 3 groups.


It’s moronic if there is no advantage benefit in finishing 1st over 2nd in a group.
Aside from not granting any benefit to top team, it also increases chances of dead rubbers.


But groups were graded on basis of recent results and when you look at groups, it’s obvious the 4 best or 4 worse teams weren’t in same group. Odd that grading were used to create the groups but not the matches resulting from same groups.

Anyway done deal but would be interesting to see if anyone pre vote suggested grading the quarters was worth discussing?


I understood they’d tried doing away with the possibility of dead rubbers by having the top two in each group put into different pots for the quarters, third place to retain their “A” status for next year and the 4th placed teams to go into the relegation playoffs. Perhaps that made too much sense.