Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


I agree with 100% of that. Although i don’t think Carthy will be the only one in the future that is glad to see the back of Murchan, the guy is something special. I also couldn’t understand why Cooper wasn’t put to marking Varley or Quinn, if that had happened one of them would have scored 2 or 3 points less and Na Fianna could have won. That, along with the decision to play Aaron Byrne at half back was strange.

But a word on Nathan Mullins, I thought he looked ahead of everyone else on the field in terms of conditioning. He was running past guys for fun and was horsing anyone out of it who got in his way. He had a good year last year, but I thought the inter-county training this year has bought him on again.

Savage is one of the best keepers in the country. He was incredibly unlucky to come up against the best there ever was. Still there were periods where I thought he was going better then Cluxton (sacrilege I know) and deserved more of a shot.

No Fennell again, he must be struggling to get back to the level.



Stephen Moore was in goals for Brigids. There’s a few references to Supple who got injured for Bohs on Friday

Thanks. I was out in O’Toole Park myself. I’d have spotted that. It’s been edited. Thanks


I think he was a bit unfortunate that night, thought the Donegal management should have given him more time in view of circumstances of game, he is a serious player for Vincents


does anyone have the two senior football champ games, that were on eir/bt sport, over the weekend (brigids v castle knock & naf v vincenets), they could send to me?? would like to watch them


If anyone has it could they also send it on to myself



Any reports on B games stevey


Will there be any full match reports for senior b games?


Afraid not. I was so stretched last week I’d to go to O’Toole and miss the big ones in Parnell. I’ll get to round-ups this eve and hopefully get them up over the next 36 hours. Though, more pressing, I’m going to go through the maths of each championship group first and do articles on who needs what


Did anybody hear the Brigids manager left the game and deleted himself from their WhatsApp group ?


Did he tear up his contract???




Don’t think he even went back to the dressing room. Was out the gate before Leo’s car was.




Madness that this is in September


Long time since the Vincents senior footballers played out there in championship


Can anyone confirm the procedure for the 1/4 final draw? Do the teams that finish top play 2nd placed teams from another group or is it an open draw?


Open Draw it seems