Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018



The only arrogance on display was from the Na Fianna supporters in the stand last night, I’ve never heard anything like it.


Ah we’re fierce arrogant with all that underage success. If we ever (!!!) convert it to senior we’ll be positively unbearable


I did suggest a while back splitting ye in two but nobody would listen…:disappointed::disappointed:


Sure even if you aren’t successful at senior, you’ll be the only club with its own metro stop.


Exactly … not many clubs can boast that


Stephen Moore was in goals for Brigids. There’s a few references to Supple who got injured for Bohs on Friday.


Ya, how many Dublin players on Na Fianna squad last night, 40 is it?


I’d say Mossy Quinn would be snapped up by any County despite his age.( If there was away it would happen) You can’t teach cleverality, accuracy and smarts and he has had those traits in spades for many a day.




On NF/Vins - great game of football compared to that misery we were subject to watching before it. Hugely open game, both teams going for it and both teams with an excellent set of forwards. For Vinnies, Varley and Quinn as mentioned were class, I’d imagine if they meet Na Fianna again (could happen this year) Cooper would pick up one of them as he was slightly out of place at 6, and I don’t think NF got the best of him.

I was very impressed with the Vins midfield again also. Galvin looks a serious athlete/prospect and Mullins has come on tenfold over the past two or three years, almost to the point where he could offer something for Dublin were he not playing with Donegal!

Poor Shane Carthy will have nightmares about marking Eoin Murchan. Usually one to pick up 5 or 6 points in games like these and ooze around in acres of space, Murchan dispossesed him repeatedly, beat him to the ball, and blocked him when he had it, so much so that he seemed to stand in the corner to keep Murchan out of the game in the second half. Murchan in with a definite shout for Dubs this summer.

Na Fianna very good up front also, although Concarr and Curley tightened up second half to make it more difficult. Between McHugh, James Doran (only 18), Glenn O’Reilly and Sean Caffrey they have a serious dangerous line, all of them scored 3 points+ and average age between them is around 20. Could be a force.

All to play for now going into the last round with Lucan vs Skerries drawing, NF should qualify. Benefits of this system is that the quarter finals should be class games, looking forward to it.

Finally, a word for Michael Savage. His kickouts are impeccable, he plays them into the tiniest spaces, Vins win nearly 100% of their own kickouts, many of which are under immense pressure. He also made a great save along the ground from Doran very early on. Great keeper, probably doesn’t get the respect he deserves.


on the Savage kickouts, he kicks them in a looping fashion so that it bounces up nicely for the man running in for the kickout. Its a small difference but makes it far easier to win a contested ball


That explains the lack of Carthy in the YouTube highlights so! Murchan performing like that can only be good in keeping our IC backs on their toes for the championship Summer ahead.


I didn’t even know that was a word until now, so apparently you can :slight_smile:


This is his third season I think , but he’s had to wait in line to get his chance and he showed himself to be a serious player on Saturday


he came in 2016 with Enda Varley and Fiachra breathnach


Savage only real issue is that he is weak under a high ball which has held him back imo. Never understood why teams never targeted that aspect as much before. But he is a great shot stopper and his distribution is very accurate inside the 60


Therein lies the problem converting it to adult level.


Tis not easy. I think it may be even harder in hurling - but early signs this season are good. Much nearer Vins than any time in recent past IMO.


Against us in croker for donegal he got the curly finger very early in the first half