Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Maybe Dublin clubs should follow their lead?


They will don’t worry about that. A very good football brain will take you far … but only so far.


Think you should show him some respect…


Yeah what you think really matters to me … :roll_eyes:

Another stalker …


No thanks…



How far? An extra room in the house for all his medals and trophies? :wink:


Well hopefully past 1st round of Leinster next time


Give Rathnew some credit. They did what only one dublin club managed to do in the last five years :wink:


Indeed. And then got dumped out in the very next round. Also ending a great Dublin winning run of 5 years.


Sure when you’re beating all round you for five years without much of a break you’re bound to get tired.


No disgrace in going down to a Wicklow team. Vins also have the distinction of being the only senior men’s football team from Dublin to lose in Leinster since 2013.


If only someone else could beat us in Dublin they might put a stop to that.

Cheer up. It’s nearly Monday


Also first time this century a Dublin club side went out at first hurdle! The records pile up …

It surely can’t have been down to arrogance or complacency @alanoc … nobody in Vins is like that …


No. A chronic lack of preparation due to the appalling standard of club football in Dublin :joy::joy::joy:


Get him boys … :grin:


Obviously rathnew did their homework better than na Fianna. Luckily, we only run in rathnew once a decade and thankfully na Fianna every year.


Like I said …Nothing to do with arrogance or complacency


They’d better hurry up so, he’s been doing it for 20 years…


You’re right. Last 20minutes against rathnew I believe none of half back line or midfield from
county final were on pitch. That said, good luck to rathnew. Big win for them and well deserved.

I’ve never seen anything to suggest over confidence or complacency. 4 titles in 5 years suggests that there’s no climate of it within panel.