Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


The irony of last night’s match is that last year I was speaking to a Na Fianna diehard and he was of the view that neither Mossy or Varley would make their forward line, wonder what he thinks now…


Not sure about that ,I thought Lorcan Smith was outstanding at 11


Any club in the country would take the hand off you for Quinn. Absolutely crazy. Vins have more in the tank too. NaF are coming good but I hope they aren’t listening to people like that.


I’m obviously behind but is Dessie Carlos stills with Castleknock??


I’m thinking you mean blowhard rather than diehard.


No. Back with his home club in Roscommon.




What age is Mossy now Alan ?


Think he is 36, I may be wrong


Still doing the business though?


How long is lorcan Smith at Vincents now?


36/37 and still one of if not the best club forward in Dublin


Obviously don’t get the opportunity to see that much club football anymore, but what I do see & what I read he seems top of his game.
What year did he first play senior for Vinnies ?


No better goal finisher in Dublin.


He could go on playing like he is now for another 5/6 years, he does not have to rely on pace, its all upstairs with him, one of Vincent’s best ever , no doubt about it.


Nothing every county in ireland arent saying also. A dislikeable lad during a game, but every team needs a few


In what way?


Mossy got too much room and respect. Won’t get that every week.


Seems to me he’s been getting too much respect for years. Maybe all of the markers he’s roasted should respect him less :wink:


Rathnew didn’t show him much