Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018




Vins by two. Time almost up.


2-16 to 2-14 with couple of mins left


the numbers of the score?


Refereeing at times in this game totally one sided. OReilly gets second yellow and off. In same incident Mullins flings Cooper to the ground and nothing. This ref is out of his depth even in open free flowing game of football.


2-17 to 2-15. Lovely.
Top group so when it all resumes with the crowded fixtures over few weeks in sept, no need to risk anyone in 3rd game before knock out.


Mossy and Varley scored 2-12 between them, they were just too cute for the young full back line. But so few scorers will be a concern.

Na Fianna improving steadily, the new format with a few more Champo games should suit the young team. They will win one soon, O’Reilly started well but faded, he looks light so the physicality may have led to him waning.

Hope Murchan is alright.


What happened to Murchan?


Looked like a bit of calf cramp. Don’t think it was hamstring.

Agree in general that the ref was extremely inconsistent for both sides. Disappointing aspect of an otherwise very enjoyable game. NaF are getting closer and closer alright.


Wasn’t at it myself. I’ll go over it and make any changes. Thanks




If Connolly had played there tonight Vins would have put 10-15 pts on Na Fianna, Na Fianna still a long way off


Yeah. If … And now … it’s reality!


Yeah to be clear

Colm Basquel 1-0, Alan Flood 1-1, James Madden 0-2

Here’s the video

Madden’s score at 1:42 and 2:53 in the video


How did Murchan do on Carthy?


Done well enough, Carthy pretty quiet but woild like to see him bomb forward more and make the forward track him back.


The use of Aaron Byrne a bit strange for Na Fianna, one of the best young forwards in the country and he played most of the game as a defender. It didn’t help his case of pushing on with Dublin, which I thought was a possibility if he had a good championship. McHugh didn’t do his cause any harm though. O Reilly could well be one for the future too, he is very accurate from play and in these days of massed defences, a player who can score from distance is very valuable. He probably needs to add a bit of muscle though. Murchan is class though… he will see championship time with Dublin I think.

I never really understood Concar’s lack of opportunity with Dublin, to me he seems well up to the standard required and could be pushing for a team start, not just a panel place. I suppose the lack of opportunity in playing O Byrne Cup and League when he was younger (because of Vincents involvement in Leinster) has stood against him.



Thanks. I’ll edit that now