Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Can’t be a better finisher than mossy in Dublin. Calm placing into bottom corner past last defender and keeper.


He scored 0-5 (0-2f) in the last game against Lucan.


Some great scores in this . 2-7 to 1-9


Amazing the number of players don’t know the rule re the mark. Once you take it and stop play you have to kick the balll. You can’t hand pass at that point.

This is good game of football 2-7 to 1-9 after 28 mins.


Vins by two at half time. Good game but you could drive a bus through the centre of the park.


Enjoyable first half.


Cooper absolutely buying and selling the ref.


Ref is giving Vincent’s frees very easily. Has also ignored what could have / should have been couple of black cards for Vincent’s too.

2-12 to 2-9 for Vincent’s after 35 mins.


He didn’t give Carthy the free he should have got that went the other way for an eventual Na Fianna goal!! And Cooper should have been in his book long ago.

Agree we were lucky re one black card anyway.


Indeed 1 right in front of him in first half, a body check off the ball.


Who got Na Fianna’s 2nd goal?


Think Vincent’s are just a bit too experienced / streetwise for NaF. That plus Mossy & Varley with the ball are deadly.


Sean Caffrey


Jonny in the book now & unfairly as it turns out.


What’s the score?


2-15 to 2-13 to Vincent’s.

Glen OReillys frees not going well second half


Who’s been getting the scores for Na Fianna in the second half?


Why? He was pulling at a fella long after the free was awarded. Either way he’d enough done to get a yellow!


Yeah if 0.75 of a second is a long time. Considering the lack of action by ref for most of the game the bookings for Cooper & OReilly v harsh. Usually ref inconsistency that drives people nuts.


Could well be he’d had enough of him!