Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Yep it was said at the start of the broadcast Paddy Andrews is out with an injury. Kevin Callaghan did his hamstring in the week and Shane Supple got injured playing for Bohemians in the LOI this week.


Any shouts for how to stream the Vins Na Fianna game?


Trying to figure that out myself


Castleknock 1-11 Brigids 0-6. Philly Ryan for Brigids had Penalty saved by Morven Connolly.


Parnell’s getting a right paddling .


any links?


FT Castleknock 1-16 Brigids 0-7

Kilkenny 1-4, Rob Shaw 0-4, Thomas McDaniel 0-2, John Kindlon 0-2, Ben Galvin, Mickey Galvin, James Sherry, Kevin Kindlon all with 0-1

Brigids scored 0-1 point from play


Why have Cahill commentate on the Brigids game and Connell on the NAF?! Surely it would have been better to have the nuetral co-commentators?!


Na Fianna have 9 guys in that team that could play forward. Aaron Byrne listed at 5 is a funny one, Eoghan McHugh and Alasdair Fitzgerald can both play in the forward as well.


Ref not bothering applying any rules in this game at all.


Ref needs to start refereeing in the vins - Na Fianna game. Letting some blatant foul play go.


Na Fianna 1-2 St Vincents 0-2 7 min gone

Conor McHugh goal! after Sean Caffrey mis hit


2-4 to 1-3 to Vincent’s after 18 mins


any links


Good game 2-4 to 1-4 for vins. Varley causing trouble , time to switch johnny c onto him.


2 goals in 90 seconds for Vins,

Mossy Quinn slots the ball into the bottom right corner in a one on on with Na Fianna goalie David O’Hanlon, Then Enda Varley fires a bullet top right corner to put Vins up 3

Vins 2-2 Na Fianna 1-2 10 mins


You’re 10 mins behind everyone else! 2-4 to 1-5 now after 22 mins.


I don’t have a link to watch. Going off twitter feed.


2-4 to 1-7 . Glen o Reilly having a stormer


All square. Glen OReilly with 4 points for NaF.