Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018



Are any of the weekend games on the nelly kelly?


Heard Saturday games both on Eir.



Eir 1 has Brigids/ Knock at 4 and Na Fianna/ Vin’s at 5.45
Grand. I can get Eir 1 in Trumpyland.


Ballymun 4-18
Clontarf 1-6

Lucan and skerries drew


4-18 to 1-6 for our lads against Clontarf. I read a brilliant tweet from a Clontarf lad “the ref robbed us”! :slight_smile:


Mun peaking too soon again? :wink:

Good enough game in Margaret’s - Emmet sticks out a mile.



What sort of team had mun out . Any sign of jamesy


No Dean Rock & Davey Byrne, everyone else played


James played, and trained fully last week. He’s an incredible healer really. Most other fellas grade 2 hamstring is 6 weeks minimum. A beast!


Some man


Was at the match also. I wouldn’t have said stood out now. Gallagher brothers up front started really well but faded,kicked some great points. That young Smith lad up front for Skerries best player on pitch(imo)


An absolutely smashing talent.


James McCarthy back playing?

Great news!


By my count Brendan & Conor kicked 1-11 between them


Love this lad - poor first half with little ball much better 2nd half despite not feeling well throughout


Never wasted a pass I felt and fielded some great ball


You would have to go all the way back to 2017 last season where they bet Fingal ravens and then where narrowly bet by crokes 1st team by a point!

But before that you would need to head all the back to the season before, way back in 2016 when they bet st Anne’s.