Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018




avid Nestor, who we selected on the Grassroots-gaa team of the year in 2016, is probably one of the top ten keepers in the country in terms of kick-outs, to break even with the opposition in raw figures is good going.

Where do you get that from?


was nestor playing against Judes last year , virtually all kickouts turned over


He’s a keen chap?


Boden v Raheny and
Crokes v Plunketts on Thursday night

Do Raheny and Plunketts have a chance?
Boden definitely not the team they were a few years ago


Boden are actually going very well at the moment, I wouldn’t back against them! Crokes will beat Plunkett’s well I’d imagine


If Raheny can do a good marking job on Basquel, I’m not sure if Boden have the same fire power they had a few years back. I think it might be close but would still tip Boden by 2/3


Ballinteer at 7/2 against Syls are worth a bet I think


Boden are solid all over the field plenty of pace. Raheny relying heavily on 5/6 Really good players but they won’t have enough to trouble Boden.

Do or die for Plunketts.

BBSJ 100% worth a punt I agree


surely any half decent team with any type of aspirations of challenging should have a goalkeeping coach in place at some level. The days of keepers running laps and then standing in goal during backs and forwards only must be over


and? grassroots opinion was based on last few yrs, im asking where did they get that he is probably in the top 10 keepers in the country, alot of teams have goalkeeping coaches.



Good man Ringo!


Crokes won 2:15 to 17 .


Full time Boden 4-06 Raheny 1-09. Must have been a dinger of a second half!


Alan brogan gone off after 5 mins



Ah feck! Raging i missed this game :roll_eyes:
2018 football lads!


Raheny had a number of chances in the second half for goals and kicked umpteen wides.