Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


I’ll accept you are likely to have seen an awful lot more of him than I have, but anytime I have seen him over the years I have always felt he looked a class act - a real Rolls Royce of a footballer. I used to marvel at the fact that he could not establish himself on the Dublin Senior panel. Watched the match today and there were still many glimpses - running in possession and passing - that suggested class. A brilliant footballer.


Armagh blood with that name?!


I’m sure, as in all counties, there are exceptional footballers who don’t get on the county panel. Never mind the team. Many mitigating factors may be involved for inclusion or exclusion and JG has done a great job thus far in player management and as such I’ll defer to his better judgement.
I wouldn’t always agree with his stance but he is a superb manager.
In my opinion, great players stand up and are readily seen as such from early on. When Barney Rock was 10 you knew he was a diamond. In JG’s set up a slew of players have come and gone. Great footballers. The team is the core to it all. Belief in the system and enjoying making bits of the opposition. A lot has changed yet the 2011 core of Cluxton, James Mc, Cian, Mick Fitz, Philly, Kev Mc, MDMcA, O’Gara, Flynn , B. Brogan and Connolly is still huge within the team thus driving the new comers along. It’s a great time to enjoy this wealth of football talent.
Long may it be so.


He was studying in Germany up until recently.


It is Fergal played midfield for Galway in semi final in 98.


I didn’t say he wasn’t good, genuinely not being pedantic.

No doubt he’s a good player

Never near good enough to start for Dublin IMO.

I’d rate Jason whelan & Shane Carthy far higher


Was at the match yesterday and have to say I was really impressed with you Madden, the young Boden player, he looks to be a serious prospect, I heard he is due to go to Aussie Rules though


I would expect you to defend your club…just not like a blinkered hormonal teenager.


If raheny and boden finished on 4 pts would it be h2h that would seperate them? and pts difference coming into play if crokes were to somehow slip up and finish on 4?


Still a good few hidings being dished out …



Who were you talking to… I calling Bulls**t.


When is the last time Parnells beat anyone in the SFC?


There was no implied criticism or otherwise of JG in my reference to Craig Dias.


There was no implied criticism or otherwise of JG in my reference to Craig Dias.

Understood. I was referring to the slew of very talented footballers who haven’t made it onto the panel.
My rant had nothing to do with Craig Dias as a talented footballer.


Did they beat Fingal Ravens last year? Definitely beat St Annes 2 years ago


Yep, I think they were in relegation final 3 or 4 years ago but have definitely won first round for the last two years.


which is how they ended up in the A championship isnt it


makes a good night though …