Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Why is it a pity? He was never particularly good



Bodens all Ireland win in 2016 was one hell of a smash and grab. They have hardly won a match since


That’s abit harsh , he wasn’t spectacular from what I remember but to say he wasn’t good is wrong.


Castleknock 2-19 Clontarf 0-9


presume you are talking about championshipbecause they have won quite a few games since then and have been very impressive over the last few months. One game down but doesn’t mean they have gone away.


Is that Darren Gavin same one who got motm v Galway in 21 final ?


It is. I wonder will he get call up to Dublin squad? Think he was away earlier in the year.



I expected him to make an appearance in O Byrne cup and was told he had taken the year out. Great to hear he is back and playing for his club. I think all his appearances for 21s was as a sub, but displayed great potential on a team with some very good players.


Indeed, I always defend my club and proud of it. Which is why I keep my comments on other club woes in check, otherwise it’s double standards like our old friend Alan. Imperious Marino all else is wicked and bad!


You don’t watch much of us so. Played on a fractured leg recently in championship and was the best forward on display!


Think Gavin has serious potential. Hopefully he gets brought into senior setup.

As an aside read piece in paper earlier about Galway 20 year anniversary of AIF win. Never realised Darren Gavins father was an all Ireland winning Galway man from that team!


Fergal Gavin?


Can’t remember first name tbh. It was one of those where are they now articles. The piece on Darren’s dad mentioned that he was father of Dublin all Ireland U21 winner, Darren.


Believe me i do


May I suggest specsavers then?


Ooooh :joy:


And you reckon I’m on a high horse?


Yes. Defend that? :joy: