Dublin Senior Football Championship A (SFC A) 2018


Rock as imperious as usual .


Brigid’s reluctant to take on the shot.

Apart from there.


I think there’s a fair breeze there.


There is a breeze here into the church end. It might be worth a point or two but not much more than that.


Hes usually non existant when it comes to playing for ballymun


Looks like it yea.


Brigid’s discipline in defence is shocking. When you’re playing against Dean Rock that’s like kicking it over your own bar. McGarry should be gone on a red - Sean Murray on - haven’t seen him in a long time.


Sadly it’s not available here in Trumpyland. TG4 keep it for the island.


Any scores folks?


Cian O’Sullivan helping to run the Crokes drills, looks good, plenty of movement in the shoulder



Crokes playing a very young team . Only Burke and Nestor are at a good age. The rest are very young - Kavanagh and Vaughan on bench though


How has Craig Dias been like over the years with Crokes. Real pity he didn’t drive on with the Dubs , he got a medal from '11 didn’t he , did he play in '12 or was he off the panel by then ?


Was on squad under gilroy. Gavin dropped him early enough in 2013


Crokes lead 2.6 to 6.


Boden very wasteful first half. MDMA quiet, Dyas playing very well. Great to see Mannion playing up the top of the pitch.


Crokes won 3:12 to 1:11. Boden had a disallowed goal. Mannion kicked a nice sideline over.


some pass from vaughan to set up crokes last score


No They didn’t !, he took too many steps, fouled, and a free out was awarded before he kicked it into the net, there was no goal scored to disallow.


Fair enough !