Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Usually fixed this week after Semis played, probably Portlaoise.


2nd Dec is date anyway, i would say portlaoise possibly. Will know by Tuesday/Wednesday i would say


Would agree with most of what you say but along with the added time, there were a few occasions when the ref wouldnt allow a quick puck out for Coolderry to be taken, even farcically throwing in the ball on the 21 meanwhile boden done it on 4 or 5 occasions throughout the game and it was never called back. Also there was time wasting on a few occassions by boden when Coolderry were in the ascendency - i dont blame boden for trying this by the way its a well known trick that most teams use…i do however blame the ref for allowing it to happen he never even approached the player in question and stood in the middle of the field for a full two mins. The other few calls either way you get some you lose some. Just felt there was a few home calls today on those really fine margins that made the difference today…that and our goalie gifting your third goal.

I honestly cant really comment too much on the red cards to be honest i wasnt close enough to that end of the field to say anything either way. Just didnt think it was a dirty game at all to be honest but if they did what you say they deserved to go.

Boden definately caused all sorts of trouble when they ran at the Coolderry defense and have some really strong runners in the team it certainly paid dividends today the first goal by Niall Ryan? As good a goal as you would see.

Lot of older players on both sides today a lot would have hurled when these two sides met in the semi final a few years ago so probably last chance for leinster club glory for both sets of players for a while. Proud of our club today and in fairness this Boden team have been around the block a number of times before and would be good to see them win one leinster


If the keeper was being dragged back then it should have been a free out.

I wasn’t there but my dad was and he reckoned the ref totally lost it in extra time. And that the keeper sending off was amongst the worst decisions he has ever seen. And he’s 73 and was cheering for Boden!


Maybe this is why he added 6 mins?

No connection with Boden but what I described is what happened. Agreed, it wasn’t a dirty game over the 90-100 minutes. Keaney was immense during the game but was foolish to get the second yellow.

Don’t agree with the second periods of extra time or the potential to settle it with 65’s either.


Huge respect for that post!


Agreed. Fair play @UibhFhaile And welcome to the site!


Doesnt explain why it was 6 mins…but even that would be precisely my point Boden timewasted and then were rewarded with additional time when they needed it


I have said that I felt there was excessive time added, but can only assume that he had stopped his watch for these time wasting antics (what team doesn’t do this!!!)


Thought Lambert had a stormer too!!




But of a pain in the hole that the guy who scores 3-3 is a footballer :roll_eyes::joy:



Some entertainment , I met a guy from New Zealand on the way out, his first hurling match and he could not believe how good it was. I had to agree is was a cracker and full mark sto cooderry, they were chasing the game most of the time but never gave up and had some great hurlers. Boden need to improve their handling for the next day. Batting the ball at midfield wont work against Ballyhale and the backs were given a tough time today.
Surely the Dublin county board can buy a notice board for the introduction of subs . Time and again the match was delayed when a sub came on and nobody knew who was coming off. I thought a sub could not go on until a player came off but today both teams were very slow to decide who was coming off.


If he keeps taking out his Dublin team mates in club games he might be a hurler soon enough.

Thought the 3rd Coolderry goal was extremely poor defending by Boden. When they threw on 17 Boden just panicked by him being there even when the ball wasn’t near him.

I fear for them v Ballyhale tbh. Presume final will be in OCP or O’Moore.


This is a Leinster Council gig and it is up to them to decide whether or not to utilise a 4th official. It is he who would display the board re subs. Today, subs have to give the slip to ref before player coming off knows he is being evicted!
Error in judgement in my opinion not to have the 4th official.


DCB have one but in the absence of a sideline official all subs and sub slips must go to the referee ( as per rule). If ‘Leinster’ council appoint a sideline official then the digital board can be used.


The 20m throw in was because the puc out was taken to a corner back standing inside the 20m

The reds all correct, including the keepers, you might call it “soft” but reality is he swung the fist and hit side of helmet because he was been held…

I will compliment your humility, you do win some and loose some of the 50/50 calls and in the gramd scheme of it, Boden probably did get more…

Not a game for anyone to lose, it was a great game and credit to both sides for the sheer entertainment and never say die


I don’t want to insult at 73year old but it was a correct decision. I was standing right opposite where it happend… it was correct


Can’t actually remember if he was awarded a free or not, but was correctly sent off for striking with the hand. Makes no difference if he was awarded a free or not, it is still a red. He might change his mind if he see’s it on tv.
Would also disagree on his view of the ref losing it in extra time. Perhaps he doesn’t like refs either :wink::wink: