Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Leaving DC off is probably up there with the Lucan decision to “change” their goalkeeper not too long ago.
Sometimes logic goes out the window when ego is at stake.


I don’t think anything will ever beat that!


What success have they had . Certainly no football success not even close


well they went from junior hurling to senior a championship so if thats not success for a club like parnells i dont no wat is who is talking about football its a hurling thread.


If we had of made it to senior A last year I would have counted that as a successful team, in the quarter final 14 home grown players and in the semi-finals we lost we had 13 home grown players. I always respected finbarrs for winning the senior B with all home grown players and last year was as close as we could come to achieve that.That would have been success


i was reffering to your 2013 when yous won the senior b championship how many home grown players was on that team or when yes beat craobh in the senior a championship


I’ll have a look back but think we started 10 maybe 11


Shore Rooney quinner our keeper and stacker country lads off the top of my head


Yas had a nordie lad played full forward/ centre forward, good strong player when he came initially.


Quinner still around he is a teacher in chanel


Had some good battles with him, I dont think I would be on his Christmas card list mind you :slight_smile:


Would fall out with himself on the pitch absolute gentleman of it,I remember he hit chewey a shoulder in a league game that would knock your fillings out 10 minutes later it was returned with interest, he was laughing about in the club after, his view was if you give it you have to take it


Ah yea was never anything nasty as such just a good hard game, always shook hands at the end and wish each other luck, the way it should be. I remember that game well




Great analysis. Well worth watching :+1:


Great analysis lads @steveyblue


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Interesting enough article here.


Dreamed of playing for Dublin at a young age. Why?