Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


I heard you were a good hurler yourself… on the ditch, at least.


Not sure who Vins manager is, I’m sure Alan can tell us, but he had a massive pain in his arse with Connolly by the end of the day I’d imagine.
I hate saying this about a fella who has given me great times as a supporter , and who has taken shite, but Sunday was a pretty good day, good games, big crowd etc and the only slice of absolute nonsense came from Connolly.


There should be a role for Hedgo in the Dublin squad this year coming. Id like to see him get a proper run of games before champo starts. Could be the physical forward we are looking for. His touch and striking is definitely intercounty level inn my view


If he got himself fit enough, definitely


You will note I said I think. Was he not originally teaching out in Stillorgan???


Cathal Fallon, brother of Ronan.


Yes, he was when he joined


Jesus. Bad form by DC if true.


Fair enough if so but it wasn’t teaching localllly was the cause of he joining crokes.

He is in macdaras a good while now


While my comments on the referee above would be very positive, someone who has excelled as a young referee to the IC panel, along with 2 others from our county, i will reserve my comments and hope that potentially moderaters would remove such person comments.


Little hint, if you want the mods to rectify something, report it!


It’s true. As I said I was very close, saw it all and heard it all.


Highlights here, commentator sounds like he’s down a well but worth a look for Damien Kelly’s goal if nothing else.


I believe you and I’m sure that attitude would not go down very well with a certain inter county teams ethos. Anyway, we’ve all being frustrated on the bench before and it must still feel like a unique experience for DC having waltzed into starting teams for 20 years


Boden v Vinns highlights here:


Where someone works shouldn’t have any real impact on what club they transfer to. Surely where they live is the important factor.
Even more so when he’s a teacher and finishing at 4PM.


4pm? Must be on detention duty? :joy::joy:


Second level?


There is no doubt he was pissed off. Maybe he had a right to be though, he didn’t need to make himself available to the hurlers and he has pulled them out of holes before.

But it’s between him and the manager, it’s not really for us to know or judge.


Watch the points he swung over in the hurling QF last year, I thought he should have been put in early 2nd half, not always easy for Dublin senior footballers to keep hurling for their club. In fairness he always kept at the hurling over the years. he could have been the impact they needed if thrown in early doors

anyways enough said about it at this stage