Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Instead of biscuits they could be cookies…

Fortune Co…

Forget it :see_no_evil::see_no_evil::man_shrugging: :joy:


There are no words … none … :hushed:


Ok take it easy. Hes a member on here. He does his best I can assure you of that. Obviously rated by someone as hes on the IC panels since last year.


Just stating the facts , he wasnt local for work or residende and joined Crokes on the instructions of a fellow county man who was abke to guarantee his Dublin county pkace by joining Crokes…

Crokes produce more minor teams than any other Dublin club so shouldn’t need outsiders but not breaking any rules…


DUB09 Stuck for words? Now that’s a first! :joy::joy::joy:


Are you his agent? Is there a reason you picked my post out as there was several comments about referees?
I have no doubt he does his best, all referees do, it’s just hard to fathom the standard most of the time. Vin’s v Boden another example where the referee destroyed the game for both sides blowing for any small but of contact… Players don’t want that.


Are you his agent?

I am

Is there a reason you picked my post out as there was several comments about referees

Yea there is, because you said hes the worst ref you ever seen. @parnellshurler comments were as bad.

Would you make a comment like ‘That corner back was the worst corner back I ever seen’ about a club player who is out to do his best? Maybe you would actually, I wouldnt.


Suppose the corner back doesn’t get fees small and all as refs ones are…

But it’s a reasonable expectation to have a ref that knows and applies the rules in senior championship surely


Maybe @jimmy1 might put himself forward as a referee. He seems very knowledgeable.


Fees? Give me a break. Lets stop them and see how many refs we get stepping up to do the games.

I have been frustrated myself as a player with refs over the years, Ive even complained on here about them. I never named one and spoke as harshly as the examples I pulled the 2 posters up on is all. I didnt say refs shouldnt be criticized at all I just asked to go easy.

Id say the county board will be delighted to have jimmy as a ref and anyone else that feels they could do a better job.


That’s a bit rich!


I actually held back on my opinion sorry if that upsets you but my opinion is actually a lot worse but am doing my best not to say it on this,also I am aware as I said that he is rated by some that was as close as I could get to a complement,once again that’s my opinion and sorry if upsets you


Everybody sees the same incident from a different position, and down on the pitch you not only have players constantly cheating but the movement of players across the Referees line of vision doesn’t make the job any easier. Babysitting for 30 is never easy.


Thank you, well spotted.


Have any of you ever heard a player shout “Hey Ref, that should be a free AGAINST us”?

Me neither.


On the flip side of that,
Tony Lambe came over to us at half time in a game and said he got a call wrong and the game had moved on by the time he realised it and Damian Burnett rang us the day after a game to say he checked a rule on an incident and we were right it was a 21 yard free not a penalty, so twice in 40 odd years a ref has admitted he was wrong which is twice more than I have heard players admit they were wrong


I think they Vins needed to stick Connolly on the edge of the square for the last ten minutes. Having said that think he wouldn’t warm up (I am warm he was shouting) and then went nuts when they didn’t put him on (sure he hadn’t caught a ball all day he started screaming at manager) . I was yards away from all this, he went up to physically confront his manager also before calming down/being calmed down.

Hedgo was class I thought and Burke is coming on nicely.

Cuala are just class acts, amazing standard bearers for their county. Loss of Schutte and O Connell was massive. A break won’t kill them, definitely no harm for Con.


You don’t upset me in the slightest don’t worry about it. You said you wouldn’t let him ref junior F and that’s you holding back your real opinion? He must have done serious wrong to you so. Anyway not worth rambling on about a particular ref, the merits of slating a ref online behind a fake username has been discussed before.


Yes that was holding back and every time I loose a game it’s the refs fault but when it is i hold a grudge


Petulant shite from Connolly. Who is Vins manager?