Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Jimmy o Grady lives in Kerry now enjoying his retirement but rings once or twice a week for updates,and is still called the hurling chairman.


One of my all time favourite people from my time involved in Parnell Park. It’s people like him I think about when I think about what happened in Parnells.




It is indeed though some idiots call this kind of thing financial doping …


What about Ciaran Murphy is it could be wrong with the name but nearly sure he was a country man is he still around loved the game that man did


Murphy moved to the Lucan area he was the man that managed the team from junior b to senior A then felt his time was up no one else did. Murphy was as good a manager as you are likely to meet.
Last year when things were going South he came back to try save the team but it was gone to far


Jimmy O Grady and Tom Boland did more for hurling in your club than anyone else. Full stop. (Sorry. Just read all posts now)


Will you stop letting facts get in the way of a good argument :grin:


Only because there is none left


I remember seen him at matches up and down the line you could see how much he loved it was he gone when they start bringin in players or after


In the hurling we had Darren Rooney and Andy Shore and Murp was there manager


Could be right but there was still 2 outsiders and 2 county lads


Last achieved by Boden in 2009 if my memory is correct


Is it true Boden banned Joe Fortunes wife from the games as she brings bad luck? Misfortune?

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Jesus you’ve gone to pot since you got married…heard you’d great day😁




And if they had a baby, it would cost them a lot of money… You know, a small Fortune?


His missus makes lovely biscuits …


If teaching next door to Judes and Faughs is workingblocally to Crokes then Ryan Dwyer is working locally


Wiki has Ryan joining Crokes in 2011. That was the year that Boden were going for (and won) their 5th consecutive SHC. We (Crokes) has lost SHC finals in 2008 and 1996 after winning the 1985 title. So it’s not as though Ryan was joining a club where success was guaranteed albeit we did very well at minor level between 2007 - 2011 (but as Na Fianna can attest, that guarantees nothing, at least in the short term). I would have thought that when lads move up from the country it is personal contacts that have the biggest impact on their choice of club. Of course with all else being equal they will choose the club that they deem to have the best chance of success. That’s human nature. And until lads have a permanent residence they will not know which club will be their local one. No club is going to tell a good hurler that they don’t want him.