Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


That’s usually how they are defined isn’t it - anyone who didn’t play from Minor

*Corcoran transferred about 12 years ago, O’dwyer must be nearing 8/9 years at this stage


In fairness, they have been there a while. Both working in the area, i think. Boden had one of the squad who didn’t come through the juvenile section, Mal Travers who is there 12 plus years, including a break to go travelling. I’d consider Mal a club-man and not a blow in.


We played kilmacud b in the league at the start of the year out there and Corcoran arrived in for his match in a sponsored car no locals have that


Corcoran works for Crokes (or was working with them) and O’Dwyer is a teacher. Two decent lads…


Most clubs have a couple of county lads that are there a while and are great around the club it’s when you hit 5 or 6 it’s gone to far and especially if you have good local lads playing for your second team because of to many outsiders,and in my opinion there is a difference between county lads living in the area receiving nothing that want to play GAA and outsiders there for financial or other gain brought in by the club


Parnells never brought any players in from the country for their own financial gain? They all joined for the love of the club


I covered this earlier Parnells people know all the pitfalls of outside players good and bad and is why I and others in the club have strong opinions on this subject my main point was if we had an under age set up like some clubs we would have no need for outside players


I heard Wolly mention recently that the idea behind bringing him and Rooney in was to put a strong senior team in place to “inspire” the youth of the area.

When the recruitment kept going there was a split in the club as the original idea wasn’t exactly adhered to


If you’re bringing that clown in to ‘inspire’ your youth then you’re at nothing.


id imagine you and the others from your club still celebrated the success that the country players brought to your club i bet you didnt have a problem with it until the money dried up and all them lads left the only difference is the money wont dry up in crokes.


Is there something wrong with you celebrate what success we gave walk overs in football and hurling this year in championship.


I have no problem with Kilmacud having money but would prefer maybe 13 of the team played minor in the club


Darren Rooney done more for hurling in Parnells than nearly anyone in the club helped bring through most of our 21 b championship team,turned them from good underage to good adult hurlers won’t comment on the other bell e#d


Ye you gave walk overs this year cause all your country players are gone I’m talking about recent years when your were paying players for the success you no way I’m talking about


I can state for a fact from 3 years ago not one player or manager in the club received a penny (or euro) from Parnells


He’s the club coach


I think your you mean Mortimer he works in maynooth now and hasn’t played for Parnells for 3 years


And to clear this up not one person involved in any way with Parnells gaa teams received a penny or euro in the last 3 years


Sadly Parnells provide a good case study on the downfalls of imports. No doubt some lads who came in made a contribution, but when there is too much money floating about there is always a risk of paying mercenaries. Parnells wouldn’t be the first and won’t be the last. I have it on good authority that there was a culture of “importing lads and looking after them” in the club from the 90s as I know some decent footballers who were sounded out. When there is a cash injection into the club it just encourages bad habits. Is O’Grady still with the club? He did great work and was a bit of a cute hoor on the sideline (in a good way).


Money is only a part of the problem, being able to manage the money and having a strategic plan is key. Some Lotto winners just blow it, others are cute and live a comfortable life without having to return to stacking the shelf in Dunnes.