Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Conor Burke has the makings of an incredible player. Dermo would be at his most effective out the field, getting onto ball in a little more space and, for the most part, facing the goal he’s attacking. Anytime I’ve seen him hurl in championship recently, he’s been put in close to goal against better organized defences with very little hurling under his belt and its not working out for him and the team. Vins need him operating if they are to win a title soon.


How rare is this in today’s game? All of our players and management at senior hurling and inter football have come from the juvenile section all the way up and all live and were born within an arses roar of the club house. Is this an achievement in itself these days?


Rian brilliant for the first 15, scored 3 and then went missing for large parts of the game. It’s his Achilles’s heel unfortunately. He tends to take the harder option at times too.

If he can sort out a few issues he has a big future at county level.

Although Cian and Hedgo did well in patches, I thought for 2 county players they went missing when they were needed.

I’d certainly have thrown DC in on the edge of the square for the last 10, Vincent’s were always going to need a goal to win it.


D. Connolly fell out with Jim Gavin over making himself available to vinnies hurlers?


League semi 2015 maybe, he played 20 minutes championship the week before and so wasn’t played. I don’t think it’s a big deal, but still he put club first.


I think Rian is a classic midfielder though. I think he loses part of his game if you put him anywhere else. He knows where to run and when to run at midfield, not so much in other positions.


Agreed, needs to be running at goal. I wouldn’t agree he knows where to run though, he has an awful habit of running into trouble and not taking the simple option. Has the potential to be an outstanding player though.


Absolutely agree. Still only very young too


now a days it probably is! more so at senior


Cuala bt Kilkenny champions 3 years in a row. Indeed they annihilated OLG in a LF one year. Think they would do just fine in the KK SHC.


I am fairly sure they would win it, easily enough. Based on the form line, Crokes would probably win it too. The top four clubs in Dublin would hold their own anywhere I think, and do better then hold their own in most places.


Is Aidan Mellett from Dublin? I thought he looked very dangerous at times yestedsay, was able to collect a ball and create scores something we lack at county level at the moment


Yes, was an u21 i believe.


Just looking at stats. Cuala scored 1-17. 1-9 from free’s & the penalty.
Assuming for a number of free’s coming from out the field obviously from one player (Tracey) maybe Cuala’s forwards were the big let down yesterday?
Tracey got 11(9). Con 4 from player with Cronin and O’Flynn one each.

7 scores from play won’t win you games

O’Connell would have been a massive loss for cuala so early in the game


The argument might have been put forward that Cuala were doing just about enough to win out in Dublin and then get stronger through the Leinster and All-Ireland campaigns and that they were defeating somewhat jaded teams from Kilkenny, Wexford, Limerick, etc.
For what it’s worth, however, I agree with you. I think Boden, Crokes and Cuala would be very competitive in any county.


Is that another way of describing a fart?


He started midfield for all championship games last year & scored 1-2 points per game from there.


I think the data is there to show the impact of “imports” on club success which supports the view that every club is alrrady incentivized to import players. Eg. Daly was hired (no doubt as a volunteer as we are an amateur org :roll_eyes:) to win a senior championship for Crokes, not to develop underage structures. So why would he care about whether a lad came up through the club from 6 years? Vincents changed their own rules in the 90s to facilitate the transfer of Ciarain Barr to the club. Faughs have won the most number of senior titles (~31) in Dublin, all of which were won when they were a country club. Realt Dearg are progressing nicely up the ranks from Junior F to A since being formed in 2010. There probably are some mercenaries in the system, but there are genuine lads coming up to Dublin and the solution needs to be balanced. Maybe a CAP on short term imports at senior level and stopping the payment of outside managers would help as club men would be more inclined to want to win with their own club men.


Collins, Corcoran, O’Dwyer, Kelly, McMullan and Howard so 6 starting blow-ins


How do you define a “blow-in”? Any culchie who didn’t play underage with the club?