Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


I think Vins missed a golden chance today of further development by reaching the final

Sean McCaw looked a decent player, was he playing last year?


Yes. Young lad. Was involved in Dublin under age teams in the recent past, Coming along nicely.







It’s a tough one as I also think it goes against the ethos to exclude fellow GAA members from outside Dublin. Not welcoming players will result in a Faughs type club (before they promoted underage) dominating. Maybe a CAP/ Quota is required for all clubs at senior level? At the moment the only adult clubs I know of not promoting underage are Realt Dearg and Civil Service and Realt Dearg are slowly creeping up the ranks.


That Diarmuid Flynn young lad for Cuala is very handy. I haven’t really noticed him at under age, but he seems a bit special from what I have seen in recent Cuala games.


A couple of unlucky slips or dropped balls aside and it could have been different. Nothing much between them today although I thought the second game was at a higher standard. But the fussy ref really didn’t help the first game flow, blew for every bit of contact.


Looks a good prospect.

Would like to agree we those praising cuala today, have done Dublin hurling proud the last two years. Caught up with them today but what a team and achievement.


Good player. Solid base there for vins.


Two great games yesterday and agree with most above on where it was won and lost.

Vins were close, thought Hedgon caught some unbelievable ball on the run & turn…
They just had to go for goal on the last free on 21!

Crokes deserved winners and on the balance of 60mins and would have been robbed if Cuala stole it.

Amazing that still after all these years, there is so little between them


The SHC A hurling championship has been very good recently . A very good standard amongst the top 3 or 4 teams with close battles


Good post and was one of the main points of contention during dublins barren years that so many imports were dominating the club scene.

John Costello tried to bring in a rule that outside imports would have to declare for dublin rather than play club in dublin and intercounty elsewhere, it would certainly stop a certain type of player coming in.

I’ve never understood bringing a kid from 5 or 6 all the way through underage and maybe even development panels to at 19/20 cast him aside for an outsider, every club does it to some extent but it is really short sighted.

The club scene is humming along nicely and certainly in a better place than it was 10 -15 years ago. If as suggested there was only a faughs/civil service type club for lads from outside to play with it would be interesting to see how many would or how well they would do.


It is unfortunate for Cuala, but it is a good sign of the Dublin SHC that the two in a row All Ireland champions can get beaten in Dublin. 20 years ago if the holders of the AI club championship were somehow parachuted into Dublin, no team would have come within 10 points of them.


Cuala’s toughest games the last two years have been in Dublin (other then v naPairsaigh in the final this year).


2 great games yesterday with a big shock in the second one. Vins have the raw talent to win a championship in the next 3 years. They have heart, determination and togetherness. At the moment they lack the skill set, fitness and tactical awareness, both on and off the field, to make the final breakthrough. The good news for vins is that you cant coach heart, but you can coach and improve the playing side of things. Again, as before, a lot of players played in fits and starts yesterday, with when they were on song, ballyboden couldnt live with them. Unfortunately for vins, their inability to maintain constant game intensity cost them in the end. They possibly should have been 6 points up going into the final quarter. The 2 man ff line didnt work in the 2nd half, with both Moore and Mcbride struggling. With time running out they might have moved hedgo in with Mcbride playing off him and it might have led to something. Still, the future is bright if vins can kick everything up a notch for next season.


That’s s fair point. Level of club hutling in dublin even enough when one looks st championship results . 2 quarter finals 5 point or less margin. Both semis 4 of less. A couple of pucks of a ball covering top 6 teams


The evidence would make you wonder how the likes of Cuala, Crokes and Boden (and maybe Vincent’s) would fare in the Kilkenny SHC (or Galway, Cork or Tipp). It’s certainly unusual (and welcome) that we have 3 or 4 teams operating at the level they’re at now.


I agree there is a lot to work on, I actually think of the four top teams Vincents maybe have the best all round players, but lack (as you say) fitness and tactical awareness and along with Rian Mc Bride they maybe need one more really top class player.

In hindsight, Diarmo would have made a difference yesterday. I don’t believe he is God’s gift to hurling, Tomás is probably better. But when you need a score with a few minutes left he is the man to have on the field. Also for someone that always made himself available to the hurlers, and fell out with Dublin management over it, I thought he deserved better.


For what its worth, I was told On Saturday at the inter-Semi’s that Clontarf’s whole squad came up through the nursery. Great to hear, and they are making good strides in hurling the last few years. Should of won too