Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Ha Ha Ha.


So there is a ‘degree’ of hitting up players now is there??? But down Marino way it’s all done the right way. Hypocrite as I said and though I ignore most of your moaning I’ll always call you up on that - regular that it is too.

Also, just wondering did you post up cases when you were on Ccccc and then give your own summary judgment like you did above?


I’m very concerned what you’re suggesting by adding the extra C to cccc.


Said the man from Vins …


So no comment then. Fair enough.


Have seen neither gane as had my own but have to post my thanks to Cuala for what they have done. Back to back all Irelands when no Dublin club had won 1 before.

Make no mistake Cuala have helped Vinnies Boden Crokes etc by raising the bar to its peak.

Cap well and truly tipped to the boys from Cuala :clap:


About the man from Na fianna…:thinking:


So you’re full of shit then, come on, put your money where your mouth is once and for all.


I have no opinion on Kilmacud hitting up players as per your allegation - no. Not anything I’ve heard about at all. I’d rather just congratulate them on an excellent won today.


I think the Vinnies line got it wrong, The teams in the other game playing today both scored the majority of their scores with the wind. Vincents were the reverse.

I am not so sure Connolly would have been the difference, or to be more correct there is no way of knowing, no one would have seen him hurl in months. But still he stuck his neck out for Vincents hurlers in the past, so I think he should have been put on. Things have probably changed since my day, but (some) Vincents management set ups used to like to make statements of intent without the necessary mental resources to back them up. This may or may not have been an example of that.

Vincents have the hurlers to do better, so today was a failure in my view. Ballyboden have good hurlers, and then they have Keaney. If you put a team of 12 year olds out against Kilkenny seniors and gave the 12 year olds Keaney, I am not sure I would back Kilkenny if Keaney really wanted to win. That is why I am not 100% sure about the final.



I said at the start I see the irony in a Parnells man making the point but here is one for you of all the club’s who should have an opinion on players coming into the club from outside I would say Parnells people are best positioned on the pros (Darren Rooney brought hurling in Parnells forward beyond anything we could have done our selfs the man deserved a statue)and the negative to many to mention. I would say if Parnells had the underage structure and success of Kilmacud we would have no outsiders, I just don’t see the need.


In general I am not in favour of players coming in from outside. Certainly not players from counties in Leinster, much of Ulster or Munster anyway bar maybe West Cork and Kerry. I have no time at all for transfers within Dublin. There will always be lads from Connacht, Donegal and parts of north Ulster for whom the trip home to play with the club is getting to be too much and if they’re any good they’ll always be looking to join the most successful clubs and I would not stand in the way of that. However I wouldn’t be against a parish rule for players living in Dublin from the country side. If a fella is living in Dundrum let him have his choice of a few clubs in the area. Same with a fella living in Donnycarney. But I’d have no time for fellas shopping themselves around. And no club should have any truck with that kind of thing …


I’m probably not making my point very well here but in one sentence
Why do Kilmacud need players from outside they produce 3 or 4 top quality minors every year that would strengthen any senior side.
I would also make the point I was at the senior B semi final and the numbers 4,6,8,12 and 14 for Kilmacud are top players and should be playing senior A.


Back to topic.
Hard luck to Cuala. They weren’t at their best but went down fighting.
They have been a shining light for Dublin hurling these last few years, greatly needed under the disastrous tenure of Ger Cunningham. They set the bar quite high and Crokes and Boden look to be getting close to those heights. Vincent’s, Jude’s and Na Fianna not too far behind.
Add in the progress of clubs like Raheny, Clontarf, St Maurs, Thomas Davis and others, it can only augur well for Dublin hurling.
Well done Cuala, and thanks. And I know they’ll bounce back next year.


I would Love to have seen boden in there prime v Cuala.
Cuala have brought pride to Dublin hurling that was missing in Cunningham’s reign


Haven’t read the last 150 plus comments and maybe Cuala deserve their own thread but I cannot but heap praise on Cuala for what they have done for Dublin hurling over the past number of seasons.

Phenomenal achievement by any club and they have set the bar for all of us to aim for. A pleasure to watch them playing over the last number of years


very impressed with Rian McBride first half and also Burke to a lesser extent. Rian was 14 yeah?

Vins have impressed me they way they stayed at the knock out stages of the championship despite not having minor and under 21 teams on a par with the likes of Na Fianna, Kimacud, Cuala, Boden etc

seem to survive on tradition, spirit and bringing a few through every year of decent but not superb minor teams. look to have a decent team now though, the likes of Mark OKeefe, Conor Burke, John Walsh will improve, the mcbrides, hedgo, tom Connolly coming into their prime and dare I say it d Connolly could be such an influence for them


pleasure to watch them today too, only a save denied them victory, they had another half chance or 2 for a goal as well in the last 5mins


I think it’s the way forward. I wouldn’t be too concerned with winning at underage. Just getting two or three through every year keeps things ticking nicely and hopefully we can push on next year. It’s been incremental improvements from a low base over the last ten years or so. And it’s going pretty well.