Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Ran out of steam?




We may give out at times about our county Board (sometimes fair enough)…but sitting near some lads from other counties in work and they are gobsmacked at how well run our fixtures calendars etc are run …ESPECIALLY given the success of our county teams getting in the way :grin:


Didn’t seem that. NaFianna just woke the F**k up and realised they were risking a loss


Not sure I’d agree with that. Months between the second and third fixtures would not be well run in my view. There’s terrible pressure then at the end to finish the thing in time for Leinster. A round or two of each code could certainly be run between May and August with some cooperation.


Great Display from Whitehall, good to see and don’t look out of place at this level
Nice to see Sean Gray back playing with them



I wonder how much per mile he’s on?


Good start for Crokes and for Daly, well done. Ryan O Dwyer at Centre back is interesting, must be looking to heavier battles down the road. Cian McGabhann must be away or injured. Who is their full forward Mark Howard got 8pts,7 frees.


80g’s (unsure whether that includes the 200 per session or not)
50cent is GAA norm per mile + overnight stays


I was just being ironic. Are they the actual figures? A lot more than the figures I heard for Baker!!


Anyone reading the fine print in that article… 5€ subscription charge to read in future :joy::joy::joy:


So im told, by someone indirect to crokes. 80g’s may actually be the full figure. Inclusive or everything.
Funded by cash rich members!!
No figure like that is justified for a club team, but Daly is definitely worth more than Baker.
Crokes are desperate to win the title & considering they are the only team to run Cuala close in Leinster, the must fancy that one too


Jesus. . . you’ve heard wrong so. He is in no way on that money and I can say that 100%

**Not actually sure if you are messing. . . (funded by cash rich members ) :joy::joy:


Absolutely willing to stand corrected… wouldn’t even regard the info as been from a source… just wat i was told


the hurling section bank accounts well able to fund that and much more surely


Stevey has not hid this from us, he has made it known since he initially planned it. It is the only decent source of match preview and review for the Dublin club scene. €5 for the detail they give is worth every penny.


Is it €5 for the season or what?


I believe so.

@steveyblue tell the kind folks what is on offer for just €5 :grin:


Have you not read the tees& cees of this site? You owe me €35 and a kidney. I’ll be round tomorrow.