Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


On the football thread people are having a go at Judes for 7 On there football team and they have a club on their doorstep. Kilmacud where in the b semi final and yet use 4 maybe 5 outsiders in the A semi final with the second biggest setup in Dublin probably Ireland at underage.Why is this acceptable.


Just a note to acknowledge that today may have been last day togging for mossy mcgrane. Didn’t get a run but great servant down the years for club and county.
I had heard at 40, he was going to park the stick at end of this year.


Would you agree to the “Three outside the County players” on a team idea?


Very good hurler, marked him a couple of times. Fair play to him for playing as long as he did. Wish him all the best in retirement


Dave Curtin at 38 starting and finishing n SHC Semi final, that’s some going


My fav Vins hurler of the last decade is Ruari Traynor. Just awesome. One of the best paws in the game.


mossie still be some operator for Vinnies B, we may not have seen the last of him


I agree, he should have been on the pitch 10 mins into the 2nd half, feck all left when they went about putting him in or least it looked like he was going on


No some super clubs Vincent’s, Ballyboden,Na Finna and others who have done great work at underage need none
Others need help how many I honestly don’t know,but I do know Kilmacud with maybe 5 is wrong.


I’ve heard very troubling stories about KC and the players they have approached in the last year. Quite frankly approaching players from another county’s defending champions asking them if they want to join is not acceptable in my view. I did nothing but hand trophies to Kilmacud in my nine years on CCC2 they were THE under age hurling power during my time (2004-2012). It’s very disappointing that they have gone down the road they have gone down bearing in mind the talent they have had coming through.


Gas the way people here (especially from a certain club) see fit to constantly comment negatively on other clubs when their own is not beyond reproach in many of the things discussed. Hypocritical at best.


Am I defending my own club?

You’d be better off asking why your club is embarrassing itself by sending in match recordings to the county board of a game you lost trying to get a player from the opposition suspended for the next game.


Was I talking about you? Yeah probably. Anyhow there you go with your self righteousness again. Nauseating. Obsessed with Na Fianna. They’ve been giving underage trophies to NF for years and all you and others do is slag off not making it af Senior. Why don’t you limit your comments to Vins and let other clubs look after themselves. Give everyone a break.


From a boden perspective, bringing on Dave o Connor was a massive change in the dynamic of the game. He was fantastic.
We found it hard to deal with cian McBride and conor burke in the first half. But once we got the upper hand on those 2, we got the upper hand in the game, and came out deserving winners.
Vincent’s on the way back. Good team coming through there.


Or you could just not bother with my posts.

The fact is that K.C. went well beyond what any Dublin club has done in recent years in terms of hitting up players. Now have you an opinion on that or are you just going to have a go because it’s me posting.


With all due respect, snide remarks does seem to be a two way street.


Coming from a Parnells man your club is the way it is over bringing lads in from the outside


You’re one act, if anyone makes any comment on your club, you go in all guns blazing, yet you dive head on to comment on other clubs. Your hypocrisy is at Donald Trump levels.

Here’s a tip. Grow up and stop making “I heard” comments about other clubs. You don’t know everything, and you never will. I heard some wicked stories about your club, and it’s members, but because I can’t prove it or that I don’t have video evidence, I won’t post it.


So who have we been hitting up then, and where you getting your information from? Only one new player into the club started out there today, rest have all been with the club for years.


From one of the players approached. And no I won’t be naming him. And as far as I know all approaches were rejected. And very much unappreciated.