Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Boden deserving winners but thought Vincents line had few strange calls…

  • conceding puck outs in 1st half
  • playing sweeper and leaving 3 vs 2 at other end when goal always likely to be needed (especially when sweeper didn’t seem to offer hugely more protection
  • slow on subs
  • probably needed Connolly on square for last 10 to force a goal chance
  • surprised that they didn’t go for goal with 21 yard free in last few minutes. Boden always seemed capable of getting point or getting free for same so goal was always needed to rattle them.
    Disappointing if DC had issues with mgmt afterwards, he was away for summer (as is his right) when rest of lads were training away so hopefully just temporary outburst.
    As above boden, had that extra class but plenty of good potential in that Vincents team.


I’d say the final will be very close .


Two very enjoyable games, Vins lacking pace up front I felt, to create goal chances. Amazing that Crokes had a chance to win the game at the end with a two on one, Crokes totally lot their shape on the last play, but deserved their win, great value for the punters .


Good shout Tayto… I thought a Crokes win was inevitable. Didn’t see the game but reckon Cuala lads could do with a few months off. Nearly 3 years of hard graft had to come to an end eventually, they’ve done themselves and Dublin proud.


Crokes much the better team in first 45 mins with Cuala only getting scores from frees and none of their forward line getting anything from open play against the Crokes defense - Crokes hit some lovely scores also from McMullan and others and Cuala looked spent

But Cuala put up a great fight in the last quarter with Crokes struggling for possession and really holding on for dear life . Cuala created lots of opportunities . Still, it would have been robbery if Cuala snatched it on the last play when Con nearly got through for a possible goal opportunity that would have won it, but ball was turned over


Didn’t let the game flow at all. Made the whole thing very scrappy.


Really enjoyable game, was very impressed with McMullan, Hayes had a very good first half as well. Crokes played all the hurling till the yhhird goal and the seemed to freeze & cuala took the momentum.


I just had a feeling Crokes might have a real go, Daly had plenty of footage to watch and devise a plan to counter cuala. Crokes have some very good players also.


I was sitting right beside it, he was asked to come on and wouldn’t come on as a sub for his brother.


Petulant behaviour if that’s the case.


Fair play to Crokes but what unbelievable servants to Dublin hurling Cuala have been. They lifted all our spirits over last two years and are great ambassadors. Kenny could well be offered the job now.
Joe Fortune has brought Boden back to a final which also testament to him. I’m just sure they will have the legs in them for Crokes.

It should be a great final in two/three weeks.


I thought Vins were very good in the first half and the game was there for the winning for them in the 2nd half, but they lacked spark from midfield up. It was crying out for Connolly to be thrown in from early in the 2nd half. He may not have much\any hurling played but he would have added something to it. bit strange they didn’t put him in when he was there. it looked late when he stripped off to come on before he didn’t come on in the end.


Yeah McMullan is tidy, is he from Down ? Think I heard that

Con must have finished with 5 pts from play , the cuala delivery to him was poor, failed to find him too often. Kilmacud be nearly blew this, took a save from Collins at the death to prevent a Cuala win



Someone will be going for the senior double this year.
Not been done in long while


Is it an open draw for the final?


If McMullen is from down that is 5 outsiders starting with the size of their area and amount of teams They have that’s unacceptable


I agree there was no spark at midfield. Burke was doing well in the air, but there wasn’t enough ball going through there. The move for me would have been Rian Mc Bride to midfield.

Vincents should have won that game. Two points up having played against that wind, should have been unassailable. The team set up was wrong for playing with the wind. But it’s a team going in the right direction.


Going in the right direction…but where is the destination?
Connolly would certainly have brought an X Factor to Vins…big mistake not at least trying him


Their numbers are so big at underage level they are running out of space to train.