Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Crokes a really good unit . Forward line has improved a lot since last year. I think Cuala will have a kick though


Crokes should win it if O Dwyer stays on the pitch


He gets yellow for an ordinary foul but cuala player who pulled Hayes down gets no card. Ridiculous.


Fair point.


Crokes finding it much harder to get frees alright.


Agreed, shocking calls for the slightest bit of contact. Along with Stack they’re the 2 worst referees I’ve seen in recent times.

Ballyboden far smarter in the 2nd half, Vin’s just went out of it completely.


This ref is worse. No clue what he is giving frees for most of the time. Not giving the cuala fella a yellow for stopping a goal was criminal.


Goal Crokes from the throw in. All over I think.


At least I won’t have to listen to my Vins mates talking about their imminent final appearance :wink:


Not in hurling anyway :wink:


5th ordinary foul though :joy:


Am I right kilmacud with all there under age success have 4 outsiders starting (keeper,Ryan,Corcoran and free taker can’t remember his name )I know there is an irony a Parnells man asking the question


In fairness, Corcoran and O’Dwyer have been there a long time.


Two in it. Crokes imploding.


First Crokes score in over 20 minutes?


Crokes by a goal. Very lucky in the end


Matty for the Dubs?!


By 2 or 3?

I’m all for taking points when they’re there but I think Cuala should have looked harder for a goal in the last 3-4 minutes.


Dalo for the Dubs?