Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Agree re subs. Needed to act quicker. But conceding short puck outs in the first half was suicidal as well. At least 1.2 came from the full back’s launches into our full back line. But at the end of the day we just didn’t come out for the second half. They did. May be there’s a lesson there.


Which McCormack is that?




Thought so. Don’t remember him being very big when he lined out for the dubs?


He never suffered from famine!


Haha. No a big strong fella, but don’t recall him carrying timber. The camera adds a few pounds as they say.


Not so easy to make that jump to the top three.


Na Fianna and Vincents should merge together for next year


Or could they split the south side?


They’d only hold us back :wink:




Sure no Na Fianna lad would get on that Vins team …


Crokes 1.1 to nil.




Crokes 1.4 to 0.2 points.


Shock could be on here


Cuala in serious trouble here


Crokes 2.4 to 0.4


Ref keeping them in it. Crokes a much better team.


Couldn’t agree more.