Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Fair enough… I’d have thought that after the dry summer, the sod would still be quite firm.


21 Sep 18:45 Parnell Park St Vincents - Na Fianna Dave Aston

21 Sep 20:15 Parnell Park Ballyboden St Endas - Ballinteer St Johns Jason Buckley


That’s changed since this morning. You’d imagine whoever updates the Dublin Gaa website would liase with the CCC before putting up the fixtures.

Or else @beeko had his post read by the higher powers and agreed with him


I have power beyond your wildest dreams.


Agreed that it gets heavy traffic but surely Senior A gets priority over any other competition.
We all know the state O’Toole Park is never mind for Knockout Championship


Is Eir sports showing any of these games? Heard they might be showing a double header?


Ye, the double header in O’Toole Pk :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::roll_eyes:


Ah jayus😂


Sunday’s games also now moved to PP.


Proper order restored.


na fianna 13\8 to bt vins??


Generous odds. I’d have them both evens. Couldn’t pick a winner.


Vincent’s for me here just think they have to much firepower and experience. Vincents by 3/4 points.


Bye bye mortgage … :grin:


Both good teams. Vinnies economical & experienced. Could be very physical when needed.
NaFianna a brilliant skillful team young, fit & sharp

Agreed its a 50/50…


Would have NAF as slight favourites myself


It has been said a 100 times na finna have to come good at some stage. Against Vincent’s it might be there time because Vincent’s have brought through a lot of good young hurlers that Na Finna won’t be at a physical disadvantages if that makes sense but there won’t be much in it.
Also this game will have some serious amount of recent underage talent on show


Yerra comes to mind.


That would be more football NaF have to come good against Vins. There’s been no real rivalry in hurling. In hurling NaF simply need to come good full stop bearing in mind the under age success they have had.


To be fair to Na Fianna, Boden won nearly every minor hurling championship in the 90’s but did not get over the line at senior until the mid to late noughties