Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


O’Tooles are in a bad state at all levels,
Good odds on all adult teams being relagated?
Under age not great, few decent hurler’s u16 and u14! Will have to wait a few years for them lads unless they find a few country lads!! Wouldn’t be the first time…


Louth are using the 3 permitted “imports”, the Arthur brothers and a Wexford lad. The Arthurs will be gone next year, Niall going back home and Gerry going abroad. O’Tooles will suffer big time without them.


Niall Arthur and Gerry Arthur are both on this years Inter County transfer list so are they not gone already?


Probably should have said are suffering!!! They are back with their native club in Clare but also playing for Louth. Niall scored 4.12 in one match for them a few weeks back!!!


God. Any team will miss that type of scoring power


Also scored 3-7 in another game before that. If he shed a few pounds he’d be serious player.


The championship this weekend looks in doubt with the weather forecast pitches must be in bits


The rain is shocking. And a lot more forecast. Could be some games will get lost in the weather alright.


@TheParish Raheny getting shown live on TV in the championship this Saturday. Something for everyone in the club to look forward to


Hairdressers will be busy in the Parish


On eir? Ah ffs. Still can’t get it.


So eirdressers wil be busy?




There is a Parish wedding as well on the Saturday … Getting the lads out of the pub to the hotel after the church will be a tougher then normal exercise now!!



Tipping Craobh over Boden?

I would have thought that highly unlikely myself.


Wouldn’t be my own personal call. I’ve a few new writers this year. Wasn’t me wrote this one. But if he turns out to be right, I’ll take my hat off to him.


I still think cuala and Boden are the teams to beat in this group but brigids and craobh will have there say, I wouldn’t be surprised if all four teams have 2 points each going into September.


I’d forgotten Daly was with Crokes, they’d want to start winning things soon for all the money they’ve pumped in.

If Boden play Cuala before the summer break they could take them again

Hopefull not confident in Vincents prospects this year


Pitches couldnt be great for this evenings games I’d imagine