Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Unless he’s hurling over there he’ll be quare rusty.


He was on bench on Friday I believe. An excellent minor along with the other 5,000 that Na Fianna seem to have coming…


Lads, any info on the relegation games? Who plays who and do one or two teams drop down?


I was doing umpire not 20 metres away from Mac Gib being clothes lined & it was a very dangerous action. How close were you to consider it being just pulled down? No gripes at Lucan going into quarter final. Mac Gib should have been given advantage for the goal he scored in the second half, but wasn’t, but that’s just the way the cookie crumbles.
We had a very good senior A championship and we are very proud of our players. Losing to both Ballinteer & Lucan by a single point & our huge comeback v. Crumlin. We were dead & buried to some at half time(8 pts down) we ran out winning by 7 pts. Again I wish the best of luck to Lucan & Ballinteer in the quarter finals.


We will agree to disagree. Best of luck to Setanta


Great to see so many young lads in a lot of the teams. Half of last years Dublin minor team starting at senior A. Some playing in central positions with Kevin Burke playing fullback for na fianna and lee Gannon centre back for whitehall at 18 is no mean feat.


good hurlers get the touch back quickly


Fixed your typo …


Lads - how was AJ Murphy for Na Fianna the other night ?


Wasn’t a flick of the hurl was but off the stick straight into the ribs


Kevin was not playing last Friday it was his brother Sean who was playing full back.


A right…my mistake.





When are the quarter finals??


Crokes v Judes 22nd in O Toole Park @ 3:00
Boden V BSJ 22nd in O Toole Park @ 4:30
Vincents v Na Fianna 23rd in Parnell Park @ 2:15
Lucan V Cuala 23rd in Parnell Park @4:00


Why are the games down for the 22nd not being played in Parnell Park? I can understand that OTP is convenient, location-wise, but for spectator and player comfort and pitch size, I’d have thought Parnell Park would be the better option.


Some very good games in there, Crokes v Judes will be close i’d Say but think Crokes will win.

Boden should take care of BSJ.

Vincent v naFianna could be very close, by all accounts naF weren’t great v Crokes but it was a dead rubber, now is their chance to step up and take a serious scalp. Will they? Or do they need more time?

By all accounts Lucan weren’t that impressive v Setanta but Setanta are a good team and Lucan would’ve been expected to win, very different dynamic against cuala, whose form is poor. Will they get the absentees back? Suspect they’ll need them to go much further. Great chance for Lucan.


I’d say they’re trying not to overuse it. It gets lashed out of it at this time of year.