Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


Setanta were very unlucky in both match’s we lost by a point in each.
Yesterday Mc Caffrey clothes lined Mac Gib(dangerously on edge of square, possibly a penalty) in what was a certain goal. In the second half also he was fouled while scoring a goal & referee gave us a 20 metre free. We were poxed not to get a place in quarter final, but that’s the way it goes, best of luck to both Lucan & Ballinteer.


What has a Cuala League game got to do with the SHC?


Nothing. No idea what you’re talking about. Redman is making reference to an AFL 4 game that was awarded against Vincent’s as far as I can make out.


Sorry…thought he meant the Lucan game which was “postponed” by the CCC.


judes have every chance against Crokes. FORB showed last night why he is a inside forward nog s fucking corner back. Danny caught some savage ball and will tear Bill o Carroll a 2nd one if left one on one.

Team far from finished article still though.

Setanta unlucky and hard done by and the poster above is very gracious on what McCaffrry got away with


He also pulled Seán O’Riaín down in the second half & should have got a second yellow. I think if it was an ordinary club player he would have walked. Mac Gib is probably the most honest senior hurler in Dublin, never complains about his treatment by opposition sides, which I believe is why there are not too many yellow or red cards given out for the treatment ‘he does receive’.




He didn’t pull anyone down in the 2nd half. The ball got flicked over his head and he didn’t have time to get out of the way.

As for the one in the 1st half he pulled mc Gibb down that’s a yellow card. It wasn’t a red card.


Not too long ago judes put crokes out in the twilight of otoole park. Could happen again. Can anyone give a report on the lucan game? Who went well for them? Will they give cuala a game?


O Dea went chasing after Mc Grath with a head of steam and shouldered him in the back following a tackle. Mc Grath gave him a flick of the hurl, I didn’t think there was much in it. I thought 2 yellows was fair.

NAF seemed to lack bottle throughout the game. Anyone know where Barrett was?


Giving someone a “flick of a hurl” is still red. He gave him a bit more than a flick.

Barrett was graduating from templemore as far as I know.


Costello Came on at centre forward on Ger Dodrill. Scored two nice long range points.


Hard to gauge as they were already through?


Na f a huge disappointment , miles away from it surprisingly. Small team too. Missing Barrett I couldn’t think of too many others. Anyone know if Brady and Boland still involved? Sean Currie should be starting for them. For various reasons they seem to lose some of their better youngsters, Wayne Brogan was a genius, Matthew Oliver not around. It’s a pity and no ones fault, there’s a million reasons why you lose talent. Good to see Martin Quilty play.

Crokes a big physical team. Don’t have the class of Cuala but on a given day they could take them.


When are the quarter finals pencilled in for?




Brady is living in the States.


Oliver is in college in scotland


He should nearly be qualified by now? Hope he eventually returns as he is an exceptional hurler.