Dublin Senior A Hurling Championship (SHC A) 2018


1-18 3-12 draw at Parnell… I backed Crumlin, raging and we’re out!


I thought this was supposed to be a ‘slaughterhouse’!


Iconic photo of who Vincents are playing


Between them and NaF they are making the SHC a joke.

Should be a €1000 fine for failing to provide a team, doubling every time you do it again.


Lucan were very very poor today. Really impressed with setanta attitude. Worked hard all day.


11 point win for Jude’s. Play a lovely brand of hurling and scorers very confident at times. Work hard for each other all down the park. A good solid club side.


What way does draw go now?


Boden vs Ballinteer
Cuala vs Lucan
Vins vs Na F
Crokes vs Judes

Brigids, Finbarrs, Crumlin and Raheny in relegation.


Boden, Cuala, A toss up and Crokes in the semis I reckon.

Time for Na Fianna to put all that under age success to work. I think we’re a bit behind them in terms of development. Pressure is all on them in this one.


Boden, Cuala, Vins and Crokes

I really feel Judes will put it up to Crokes, just not sure they will have enough firepower.

Vins marginally Alan?



Is the draw for relegation the same? That puts Raheny vs Barr’s?



I don’t know to be honest.


Really think it’s a toss up. Know a lot of players on both sides. And they know each other well too. Couldn’t pick a winner to be honest although obviously I hope Vins sneak it.


Fair play to Setanta sounds like they have Lucan a right game. Puck of the ball away from the last 8 but consolidate their position in the championship for another year great stuff


Dead right alan county board have enough to be doing without trying to sort out teams top of the league calling off games trying to pull a fast one eh😉


Don’t bother trying to get me to defend something that can’t be defended. I don’t do that no matter who is involved.


Missing or injured? How many? Thought there would be some strength in depth in Brigids at this stage


First half of johns/crumlin was shocking stuff. First touch, especially on the crumlin side, was very poor. Johns moving the ball slicker and with more purpose, helped with a fortuitous goal, gave them a good looking half time lead. Young Elliot, coleman and the quinns led the fightback for crumlin second half, along with a switch at wing back which put the mockers on glen Whelan. Conor Murphy had some good moments when he came on, though he looks to be carrying a bad injury. Ref got a major call wrong awarding a free in for crumlin after they’d just scored a goal. Both teams could have won it as easily as lose it so a draw a fair result. Giller should get the quinns and conor murphy involved in the county set up asap. Johns lack of appetite for the battle in the second half was very apparent and its been evident for a few years that when the pressure comes on,their leaders go missing. The way crumlin hurled in the first half, they should have been dead and buried by half time. Great fightback by crumlin, johns should take a long hard look at themselves.
Vins wont win the championship this year. Some great scores taken, a couple of gems from conor burke and a fantastic one from hedgo that the aul fella would have been proud to score, but the overall team performance was inconsistent with too many lads going missing at different times in the match. Thats enough to get them past an otooles team on the slide, and it might even be enough to beat a skillful but lightweight and inexperienced na fianna team. But they’ll get no further if they fail to improve the work ethic from patchy to sustained intensity.